How Many Puffs a Day is Normal for Vaping?

There are many reasons why people decide to start vaping. It could be that they’re looking for a new hobby or that they’d like to switch from cigarette smoking.

It’s common for new vapers who were cigarette smokers to feel a little disappointed when they start to learn how to vape. That is because they forget that it’s a whole different setup when compared to a cigarette.

However, when you vape correctly, you’ll get that hit you crave. Vaping is something you have to get used to.

How Does Vaping Work?

When vaping, nicotine extracted from tobacco is heated. It is then mixed with different flavors and chemicals to create vapor which is what you inhale when you vape.

When you’re vaping, it’s better to take a slow long drag instead of several short drags to enjoy the vaping experience. Taking longer ones also reduces the chances of taking in excess vape juice.

After a vaping session, it’s better to wait for some minutes before you enjoy another session to give the heating element in your device enough time to cool down. Waiting will also save you the pain of a sore throat.

Vaping is very helpful to those who are trying to quit smoking, but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe. So, be sure that you do it properly and carefully.

The advantage in vaping is that it doesn’t involve either carbon monoxide or tar which are dangerous ingredients found in cigarettes. Vaping also doesn’t contain as many chemicals as cigarettes do so it’s all about the number of puffs you take.

How Many Puffs to Take in a Day?

If you have cigarette addiction, then you puff according to how addicted you are. In a day, you might have to puff according to the addiction level you’re fighting to get enough e-nicotine so that you don’t reach for a cigarette again.

It’s important to avoid cigarettes completely when you’re vaping as it will hinder your process of quitting cigarette smoking and expose you to other risks. 

For those who engage in vaping as a hobby, note that e-cigarettes are generally self-regulating. You will, therefore, get to puff just the right amount in a day as long as you do not try to make changes to or out-think what is recommended as the right amount by manufacturers.

If you’d like some numbers though, the average number of puffs per day is around 132 to 140, so if you’re puffing way more than that, then you probably should slow down.

7 Dangers of Continuously Puffing Too Much

1. It Increases Your Risk of Getting a Heart Attack

Although vaping is considered a safer option compared to smoking, overdoing it will increase your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Taking too many puffs daily will expose you to chemicals at unnatural levels. Remember, the primary agent is nicotine and when you start to take more puffs than you should, you might get addicted.

The nicotine content will raise your blood pressure and will also lead to a spike in adrenaline. This will increase your chances of getting a heart attack because your heart rate will increase.

2. It Makes You More Susceptible to Seizures

Often, you never know exactly what’s in the vape products you’re using. As such, you should not overdo the vaping.

Doing so will increase your chances of getting seizures. That’s because according to studies, some of the vape juice might contain more nicotine than stated.

So, when you take too much of it, you might end up with nicotine poisoning which activates certain neurons that trigger convulsions.

3. It Can Affect Your Mental Health

When you continuously puff more than you should in a day, your mental health could also get affected. You might end up suffering from anxiety or depression.

4. It Could Damage Your Lungs

Traditional cigarettes are known to cause damage to your lungs and although vaping is a way to avoid the effects of cigarette smoking, you can still damage your lungs if you puff more than what is safe.

Vapor from an e-cigarette contains chromium which could induce asthma, diminish the functions of the lungs, and even worse, cause cancer in your respiratory system.

This is especially likely if you go for vape juices with buttery flavors. You could also get a condition called popcorn lungs from the artificial flavoring.

5. It Slows Down Brain Development

You should also be careful with how many puffs you take daily because overdoing it will hinder your brain development progress. The brain matures at 25 and when you start to over-vape before this age, your behavior could start to change.

Too much vaping changes both emotional and cognitive development, and these are effects that might progress into adulthood especially if they started during the teenage years.

You will not notice the signs early enough, so if you continue taking too many puffs before you are 25, your attention span could be reduced and you might become more impulsive.

6. It Could Lead to Neurological Damage

When you overdo it, vaping could cause neurological damage over time. This is because it involves inhaling too much metal manganese which is toxic.

The toxicity of manganese can easily go unnoticed for a while before it starts to present itself through fatigue and frequent headaches. The worst part is that this could persist for a long period and lead to organ damage, issues with your reproductive system, or hallucinations.

7. It Could Cause Fertility Issues

While vaping is different from cigarette smoking, the two have the same kind of effect on the reproductive system. They can both lead to cases of infertility in both men and women.

It could also affect a baby who is still in the womb. So, other than reducing the number of puffs you take daily, it’s better to avoid vaping completely if you’re trying to conceive.

Wrap Up

Vaping is supposed to be fun which is why a lot of people do it as a hobby. However, you should be careful not to take too many puffs in a day.

This is because doing so could lead to an addiction that might expose you to the side effects that we have mentioned above. If you are vaping to fight cigarette addiction, make sure you take just enough puffs to satisfy your nicotine craving and not more than that.