Suorin Air Vs Drop: Which one to choose?

With the launch of the Suorin brand, many consumers have been given options from which to choose from according to taste.

If you are confused on the particular product to choose from between the Suorin Air and the Suorin Drop, you are not alone in this dilemma as many others are also confused as to what makes one better or a perfect choice for them over the other.

This will not remain a problem for long as I will critically review both products in this article, and give you the power of an informed choice as you make your next vape purchase.

Suorin Air – Quick Summary

The Suorin Air was the first of the Suorin brand to grace the market and its launch helped to change the idea and trend of vapes. It is very thin and one of the thinnest vapes today and also very lightweight. Its pod system is refillable and so instead of buying pre-filled pods, you get to refill yourself, giving you the liberty to make a wide range of flavour choices. It is shaped like a credit card and fits perfectly into your pocket, making it easy to carry around.

Its small size and shape don’t diminish the value this product offers you. For its size, it has a fairly large battery of 400mAh and this is a very attractive feature of the Suorin. Who doesn’t like a long-lasting device?

For a steady smooth and powerful hit, the coil has a resistance of 1.2Ω. This, together with the 2ml e-juice capacity and single-sided wicking ensures you get an easy to use vape that is very efficient in satisfying your cravings.

Suorin Drop – Quick Summary

The Suorin Drop, just like its name is shaped elegantly like a teardrop. This outstanding design has given it much attention and it hasn’t disappointed with its performance either. Its small size and design make it fit perfectly into the palm of your hand.

Just like the Suorin Air, this device has an e-juice capacity of 2ml, allowing you vape for long periods without having to refill. The coil has a capacity of 1.3 – 1.4Ω to ensure you get smooth and powerful hits.

It has a 310mAh battery, which is enough for you to have a good vape before thinking of recharging. For a long-lasting battery, the coil’s high resistance helps regulate power output so that your battery doesn’t drain quickly. Unlike the Suorin air, the Drop features a dual-chamber system for feeding the coils from both sides of the cotton wick.

Comparing Suorin Air with Suorin Drop


Suorin Air: the Suorin Air has a sleek design, shaped like a credit card. Measuring 88mm x 43mm x 8mm, it is really thin and can even fit into your wallet. Weighing 36 grams with a full pod inserted, it is really lightweight and can conveniently be carried about.

Handling it gives you a good feel of durability and an assurance of quality. You have a variety of colour options too but all in a matte finish, so you can choose what appeals to you best. The Suorin Air has one fill port, allowing you to easily fill up your juice cartridge. It is activated on a draw.

Suorin Drop: just like the Suorin Air, the Drop also has a very sleek design in a teardrop shape, giving you something really unique and readily outstanding. This vape measures 73mm x 49mm x 12mm, making it very small and readily fitting into the palm of your hand. At about 65 grams with a filled up pod inside, the Drop weighs more than the Air.

It is made of the finest materials and with a great build to ensure durability. You will readily notice this by handling it as it has a sturdy and quality feel. Available in various colours and finish, you get to choose if you want a matte, polished or shiny finish. The Drop has two fill ports for you to utilize, allowing the coil to get juice from both sides. It is activated on a draw.

Verdict: both the Suorin Air and Drop have great designs. You have a lot of options to choose from in terms of colour but the Drop goes further by allowing you to choose between different finishes. In terms of finish and wicking, the drop wins as your wick gets more juice easily from both sides and you also have more options to choose from in terms of finish.

Battery Life

Suorin Air: the Suorin Air comes with a whooping 400mAh battery. It gives you enough time to vape without having to charge your battery constantly. 

Suorin Drop: the Suorin Drop doesn’t maintain the battery capacity of the Air. It makes use of a 310mAh battery which is good but doesn’t give you as much life as the Air.

Verdict: the Suorin Air has a lot more battery life to offer, making it the best choice in terms of battery as compared to the Drop.


Suorin Air: the Suorin Air gives a smooth and hard hit, but produces fewer clouds when compared with the Drop. This makes it the perfect choice for those who prefer to vape without drawing a lot of attention to themselves. If you are not a cloud chaser, this is for you. It also gives you good flavour so you can almost taste the flavour as you vape the juice. Considering its size, you get a good enough performance from this device.

Suorin Drop: the Drop just like the Air gives a smooth and hard hit. It gives you much more clouds when compared with the Air and is ideal for the cloud chasers. The flavour production is also super great and allows you to enjoy your chosen flavour to the fullest as you vape on your e-juice.

Verdict: both devices give an overall equally great performance, with a little variation in vapour production. If you desire many clouds as you vape, the Drop is the device for you. 

Ease of Use

Suorin Air: the Air is a starter kit, fit for beginners to get the most out of it without any trouble. It has no buttons, it is draw activated and has an on and off switch to prevent accidental firing. The pod just needs to be placed on the battery and vaping begins. It’s as easy as that. The absence of any buttons or complex process for set up and operation makes this device a great choice for beginner vapers, and also experienced vapers who want to vape on the go.

Suorin Drop: the Suorin Drop is also a very easy device to use. You do not need ant experience to start vaping with this device. It has no buttons whatsoever, not even an on and off button and allows you to vape on the go as it is draw activated.

Verdict: both devices are very easy to use, are without buttons and are activated by taking a draw. Perfect for beginners.


Both devices are pretty decent and give you very good performance. You get great hits and good vapour production from each of them but if you like long battery life, love the lightweight device and prefer fewer clouds, you should go for the Air. Otherwise, you should get the Drop, as it gives you more clouds and some confidence from the weight. But whatever your choice is, you will have a great experience.