How to Fill Vape Tanks: Top & Bottom-Fill Tanks Explained

There’s nothing more euphoric to a vaper than seeing his vaping device produce large amounts of flavored clouds. 

However, all good things come to an end—unless you do something about it. Your vaping device can only continue to produce those gigantic clouds for as long as the vape tank is full. 

To continue vaping, you’d have to refill the vape tank. 

As a first-time vaper, navigating through the different components of a vaping device can be an arduous and confusing task. Thankfully, tank-filling is not as difficult as many would have you believe. 

The crucial part of filling a vape tank is figuring out where the e-liquid is supposed to go. Most vape tanks are either top-fill or bottom-fill—you either fill from the top of the tank or the bottom. 

Both methods have similar processes: you prepare the coil first, fill your tank to the designated level, and vape away. 

Continue reading for a more detailed explanation. 

When to Refill a Vape Tank?

This is a no brainer. What you see and taste should influence your judgment. 

Refill your tank with e-juice when your vape doesn’t produce enough clouds or flavorful hits. To avoid dry hits, weak flavors, and fewer clouds altogether, refill your vape tank when it is half empty.  

How to Fill Vape Tanks

Top-Fill Vape Tanks

Step 1: With every tank, you need to prepare your coil. 

To get access to the coil, simply remove the bottom of the tank. The coil should slide right out of the tank.

A few drops of e-juice should be enough to prime your coil. To be more specific, try to put at least 1 drop of e-juice onto the cotton hole in the coil; most coils have 6 cotton holes. 

Once done, slide the coil right back into place and screw it back into the tank.  

Step 2: Unscrew the top of the top-fill tank to get to the access points for the e-liquid. If you don’t want your old e-juice flavor to mix up with your fresh e-liquid, clean out your tank

Step 3: Now, hold the tank slightly on its side to allow the juice to slide down with minimum fuss. Once you’ve filled the tank to your desired level or the indicated level, screw the top back on. 

During this process, ensure that the e-juice doesn’t enter the center tube of the tank. This tube acts as an airway, so if you get e-liquid in there instead of vapor, you’ll probably inhale the e-juice in its liquid form.

Step 4: Allow your tank to sit for a few minutes to ensure your coil is completely saturated. A saturated coil helps your vape produce the most flavorful clouds and also protects you from dry hits.

After a few minutes of patience, you are now ready to reap your benefits. Vape to your heart’s content or at least until the tank runs out.  

Bottom-Fill Vape Tanks

Step 1: As I mentioned earlier, with every tank, we start with the preparation of the coil. This is done to prevent burning the cotton and to extend the life of your coil. 

First, remove the bottom of the tank. The coil should slide right out of the tank. 

Step 2: Let a couple of drops of e-juice trickle down the coil, then slide the coil back to its original location. Upon doing so, place the bottom of the tank back on. 

Step 3: Next, unscrew the larger portion of the tank to reveal the bottom fill. If there is old e-liquid residue in the tank, pour it out before you refill the tank with fresh flavored e-juice. 

Step 4: Now, place your e-juice dripper right against the inside of the bottom-fill tank and fill it to your preferred level. In most tanks, there is a fill line that indicates the designated level of e-liquid refill. 

Remember to hold your tank at an angle to prevent spills. Nobody wants a messy situation, right? 

Also, you wouldn’t want the e-juice entering the center tube of the tank for purposes already mentioned. 

Step 5: Screw the base back and let the tank sit for a couple of minutes. This allows the coil to saturate, thereby preventing dry hits and facilitating a flavorful vaping experience. 

After that, your vape is ready. 

Want to Use Less E-Juice?

Are you getting tired of refilling your tank? If so, you should perhaps opt for a vape juice with stronger nicotine content. 

Doing so will lower your need to vape regularly. However, be careful not to go for a sub-ohm tank here as it will produce large amounts of vapor, thereby sending too much nicotine your way. 

Instead, get an MTL (mouth-to-lung) tank that prioritizes providing sufficient nicotine content efficiently over producing large clouds. Such a tank doesn’t need as much e-juice too.  


Filling a vape tank is as easy as whistling dixies. Take your time to learn how to properly refill a tank, as performing this task wrongly can ruin your coil or cause your vaping device to leak

Through repeated attempts, you’ll be able to shave minutes off your tank-refilling time.

In most cases, tanks are either top-fill or bottom-fill. So, you’d have to fill your tank according to its design. 

However, regardless of its design, you’d still need to remove the tank from your mod and prime your coil before filling your tank. As a precautionary step, always remove the tank from the battery before you start your tank-filing process.