How Long to Let Vape Coil Soak? The Priming Process & Its Benefits

For your vaping experience to be enjoyable, you need to take good care of your coils. One of the most highly recommended ways to keep your coil in good condition is to prime it, but what does this mean?

Priming your coil means pre-saturating the wick material with your vape juice before using it so as to prevent it from either burning or overheating.

Now, how long you should let your coil soak? This article answers that question, but first, you need to learn the proper way of priming vape coils.

How to Prime Your Vape Coils?

For this process, you manually soak the dry wick ensuring that you’re doing it from the opening found at the top and the windows found on the sides before filling up. The cotton-like wick should be visible through all the holes.

It is easier to do this when you have separated your atomizer head from the rest of the components of the tank. However, there’s no problem if you proceed with the head still screwed into the base.

Step 1: To each hole, add a few drops of the vape juice (two to three drops will do) and only stop when the juice starts to pool on the top part of the hole. The idea is to get the wick wet and not flooded.

Step 2: If you notice any pooling, shake out the excess juice when you still can onto a piece of paper towel. 

Failure to do this will result in an unpleasant gurgling noise when you start to vape. The excess juice might also get sucked back into your mouth through the mouthpiece.

Step 3: Once you are done soaking the holes with your e-liquid, you then have to allow the tank to sit for a while before you get to vaping.

When you have completed the stages of priming, you can proceed to screw the new coil into your tank base and set the rest of the tank up. After that, you can fill the tank with your preferred vape juice.

While you fill your tank, make sure you avoid the tube at the center. That is because it leads straight to the coil. 

Ensure you fill your tank only to the manufacturer’s recommended level to avoid leaking.

How Long Should You Let Your Vape Coil Soak?

Vapers often disagree on the amount of time one should leave the coil to soak. While some leave it for a few minutes around 10 to 15, others argue that the taste is improved when you leave it to sit for a couple of hours or even overnight.

Whichever side you choose, you need to ensure that you take some primer puffs before using it. A primer puff is that short sharp breath that you take through your vaping device without necessarily hitting the button for ignition.

A primer puff ensures you get the best tasting first puff when you decide to start vaping. It is a very simple process.

Why Soak Your Coil? Top 3 Benefits of Priming

Here some of the benefits of letting your vape coil soak properly before you start using it.

1. Enhances Flavor

Failure to prime your new coil will result in a burnt taste. However, when you properly prime your coil, there will be an added intensity to the taste of the vape juice you are using.

The saturation of both the cotton and the coil results in a burst of flavor that’s very rich from the first hit you choose to take.

2. Helps Your Coil Last Longer

Compared to coils that have not been primed, the primed ones last longer because the priming process lets the materials within the coil to be broken into accordingly.

While the priming process might be easy, its benefit cannot be undermined because it will let you enjoy the vaping experience while you significantly increase your coil’s life.

However, you’ll still need to change your coil after the recommended period of two or three weeks of use.

3. Improves Performance

Aside from improving the longevity, priming your coil also improves its performance. This is because failure to prime the coil means firing your device with a dry wick.

This will end up burning the wick which is made of cotton, meaning you won’t be able to use it properly. Remember, when you get too eager to start vaping and end up burning the wick, you won’t be able to repair it.

The only way to remedy such a situation is to replace the wick completely—something that might prove a challenge to new vapers. Newbies are likely to throw out the entire atomizer head and replace it altogether.

How to Speed up the Priming Process?

While priming generally doesn’t take too long and is actually easy to do, you could try speeding things up. If you simply can’t wait, here are ways to speed up the priming process.

Method 1: Drip the e-liquid directly on the wick through the air holes before you install it in the tank. After that, deeply inhale a number of times through the mouthpiece to help pull the vape juice through the cotton.

While you’re doing that, ensure that you don’t activate the battery as this could be risky.

Method 2: If your tank comes with airflow adjustment, make sure it’s almost fully closed. 

While it’s still highly recommended that you let your vape coil soak for a while, these steps might just be enough to get your coil saturated and get right to vaping.

Wrap Up

For a vaper to get the most out of the experience, you must never forget to soak your coil. You could use this article as a reference on how to go about the process as we have outlined it more plainly.

Always remember to let it soak for enough time before you get to vaping as rushing could result in issues with your vape coil or device. Most of all, don’t use too much liquid when you’re soaking it.

The goal is not to flood it. You just need it wet as opposed to dry.