Can You Vape on Twitch? 3 Twitch Rules Vapers Must Know

Thanks to the rise in popularity of eSports, Twitch has grown to be a popular gaming and live-streaming platform that has millions of users globally.

In the platform, users provide hilarious commentary, interact with their viewers, provide pro tips on gameplay, and whatnot. However, there are some Twitch guidelines (Terms of Service) that streamers must strictly follow to ensure they don’t get banned from the platform.  

Since the streaming platform is relatively new and in its initial phase, the guidelines and regulations change frequently to promote a safe game streaming platform.

Just like the Twitch culture, the youth have also opened up to the vaping culture. Vaping devices are much loved for their ease of use, convenience, portability, flavorful clouds, and outstanding ability to produce potent hits. 

So, it does make sense that the majority of streamers on Twitch vape just like their viewers. However, in doing so, do they promote the culture? Or are they simply indulging in a guilty pleasure? 

Whatever the reason, is it legal for the streamers to vape on Twitch?

Is It Fine for You to Vape on Twitch?

Well, if truth be told, vaping can be regarded as a gray area on Twitch. 

More often than not, you can vape on Twitch without facing a ban. However, vaping is only allowed to those who stream from places/countries where vaping is considered legal. 

It’s also a no-brainer that you will be banned if you’re an underage vaper.

As I mentioned earlier, Twitch is currently in its starting phase; therefore, the rules aren’t written in stone. Most of them are open for interpretation and can be changed as time progresses. 

Whether you get banned or not depends on the examining bodies at Twitch. Some staff members may view your vaping habits on Twitch as ban-worthy while others may simply let it slide. 

3 Reasons Twitch Staff Can Ban You Temporarily

There are some guidelines (Terms of Service) that a Twitch staff member may find you guilty of breaching if you vape on the platform. The staff can temporarily ban you if you:

1. Break the law

You can’t live stream your vaping sessions on Twitch if you’re streaming from a place or country where vaping is considered illegal. The Terms of Service clearly indicates that “all applicable local, national, and international laws” are valid. 

2. Advocate harmful habits

Let’s not turn a blind eye to the harmful effects of vaping. The e-liquids used in vaping devices aren’t elixirs; they do contain ingredients that can affect one’s well-being. 

Therefore, if Twitch staff finds you guilty of advocating/promoting vaping, you can be removed temporarily from the platform. Basically, if the focus of your broadcast is vaping, you can expect to be banned.  

3. Display self-harming attitude

Twitch condemns self-harming/self-destructive behavior on their platform, and rightly so. Although widely considered as the safer alternative to smoking, vaping is harmful nonetheless. 

So, when you vape, a Twitch staff may categorize your vaping ways as self-harm. Thus, the staff will have a plausible reason to ban you.

From the regulations mentioned above, a Twitch staff can deduce a solid basis to remove you from the platform. However, do understand that “vaping” for now, hasn’t been categorized as an illegal activity by the platform. 

While some have been banned for vaping during live streams, others have gotten off scot-free. There are popular Twitch streamers such as MitchJones, Trick2G, and Kryoz who vape occasionally on their streaming platforms. 

Is It Worthwhile to Vape on Twitch? 

Must you vape while live streaming on Twitch? Is it a part of your act? 

Know that if you vape on your platform, you alienate some of your viewership. After all, some may find vaping offensive. 

You might influence some of your younger viewers the wrong way and this, in turn, can tarnish your reputation. 

Also, viewers can be nasty on social media platforms and streaming sites. If you vape on Twitch, you can be assured of derogatory remarks and plenty of backlashes. 

Are you ready to face such consequences that can disturb your peace of mind? 

Is vaping worth pushing your luck? Would you like a Twitch staff member to decide the fate of your Twitch channel? 

Remember that Twitch can ban you for reasons listed above, irrespective of the fact that “vaping” isn’t illegal per se. So, think carefully if vaping on Twitch is worth the risk of getting banned. 

Wrap Up

From the regulations and rules listed by Twitch, we can conclude that vaping is fine on the streaming platform, provided that it’s done legally. You could say that Twitch guidelines don’t prohibit the act of vaping, but they do advise against it.  

You may be reported by a large group of viewers who may find vaping offensive. Now, if your channel is living on the edge and has already stacked up some ban-worthy offenses, a cloud-chasing act or a French Inhale on your stream may be enough to tip the odds against your favor, giving the Twitch staff enough reason to ban you. 

I would recommend you keep your vaping habits to yourself. There’s no need to flaunt your cloud tricks in front of an audience. 

Ask your viewers—they don’t watch you to see you blow smoke. They want to witness your otherworldly gameplay. 

Besides, if you must vape to control your withdrawal symptoms, you can always easily go off-screen and indulge.