What are the Best VUSE Vape Pen Flavours?

Vuse is an electronic cigarette made by the R. J. Reynolds Company known for their great vape pen flavours. Since their first launch of vaping products in 2012, they have seen tremendous growth as they to cater to vaper’s needs and satisfy the cravings of their users by producing a variety of products and flavours.

Vuse Vape Pen Flavours

Each Vuse e-cig offers different types of flavours for each product type. Vuse has upgraded as new brands have been launched. And even though some flavours remain available throughout each brand launch, there are a number that is unique to each brand.

Generally, Vuse has eight different flavours, which can be easily purchased at retail stores. Below is a brief description of each flavour:

ORIGINAL: The Vuse Original flavour gives you a classic tobacco taste, as it is meant to offer the satisfaction and sensation of a traditional cigarette.

CREMA: This flavour produces a creamy sensation as the name implies. It is smooth and has light and toasted notes.

BERRY: This is a blend of berry flavours, giving you a fresh fruity sensation together with the satisfaction of nicotine.

MENTHOL: This is Vuse’s signature menthol flavour.

CHAI: This flavour is one of the first flavours by Vuse. It gives a sweet tea flavour, with underlying tones of milk and sugar.

MINT: This is one powerful flavour, with a stronger sensation and feeling of mint than in the menthol flavour. It leaves you with a freshness that is akin to that of a freshly chewed mint chewing gum.

MELON: Vuse Melon flavour strikes a balance between sweet and sour tastes. It presents the taste of melon in a perfect way.

NECTAR: Nectar flavour makes you feel like it is summer in your mouth. It contains the feeling of exotic fruitiness.

Each Vuse flavour contains a high concentration of nicotine. Although it is on the high side, it is meant to help satisfy the cravings of smokers as they try to quit.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of each brand from Vuse and the best flavour of each one.

Vuse Solo

The Vuse Solo was the first brand launched by Vuse in 2013. It’s designed with a metal body and a cartridge for its e-juice. The metal body design gives it durability and offers long time usage.

It is simple to use an e-cigarette, and very affordable.  As far as utility features are concerned, it allows you to have a better user experience. You can monitor the battery life with the battery indicator light, giving you more control and no chance for surprises. Although its vapour production is not the best when compared to high-end products, it is great for its range.

Vuse flavour cartridges are only used with Vuse solo, and they contain the e-liquid. The e-liquid is made from high-quality extracts of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, reverse-osmosis water and flavours, both natural and artificial.

Flavours that are available for use with Vuse solo are Original, Menthol, Mint, Chai, Berry and also Crema. These flavours each cause various sensations, but the hit is the same as they contain the same amount of nicotine.

Which Vuse Solo vape pen flavour is the best?

No vape pen flavours are better than the other. The major difference is the flavour. So try each one out and according to your own taste and preference, make your choice.  You will get nothing less than the best vaping experience.

Vuse Vibe

The Vuse Vibe is a brand launched in succession to the Vuse Solo. It also is easy to use an e-cigarette and is an ideal choice for starters. It comes in a slender form with pre-filled cartridges of 2ml containing the e-juice.

There are 7 available flavours for the Vuse Vibe. The flavours are Original, Mint, Melon, Nectar, Tropical, Fusion and Menthol. These flavours are really light and smooth and have a less hit when compared to the Vuse Alto. It contains only 3.0% nicotine.

One endearing feature of this e-cig is the automatic draw. Which means once you drag, it gets activated. There are no buttons.

The Vibe has a battery capacity of 350mAh, and you can monitor the battery capacity with the use of the LED lights which are available at the bottom of the battery. The battery meter and the translucency of the pre-filled cartridge give you information that lets you vape with no surprises.

Which Vuse Vibe vape pen flavour is the best?

Vuse provides you with a number of flavours that you can choose from. Each flavour basically contains the same amount of nicotine, providing the same hit. But for that taste and feel, it is up to you.

Personally, we prefer fruity flavours, especially nectar. It is a blend of nicotine with the right amount of fruity aroma and honey. It has a great taste and feels and you should absolutely give it a try.

Another great flavour you should try is Vuse Original flavour. When you are trying to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, this will stand out as the perfect choice for you. It has a perfect combination of nicotine, which isn’t too strong as to overwhelm the rich flavour of the tobacco juice itself as it provides you with a smooth and satisfying flavour.

Vuse Alto

The Vuse Alto is a great choice for quitters of traditional cigarettes. It is small and slender, matching the design of a traditional cigarette with four great flavours to choose from. The flavours of Alto are Mixed Berry, Original, Rich Tobacco and Menthol. The juice is contained in Alto pods of 1.8ml and each contains 4.5% nicotine. This is fairly strong, giving you a good hit that lasts throughout.

The battery capacity is 350mAh, giving you enough puffs and a great feel before finally dying out. There are no buttons here as it is automatic just like in the Vibe.

Which Vuse Alto vape pen flavour is the best?

Just like the other Vuse products, the vape pen flavours of Alto also give similar hits as they contain the same amount of nicotine. The choice of best flavours, however, is objective.

Based on reviews though, the flavours with the highest votes are the rich tobacco and mixed berry. It makes sense as the Rich Tobacco offers a lot more intense taste and mature tobacco flavour as compared to the original. And since you are most probably trying to get something similar to traditional cigarettes, this is going to do the trick. The Mixed Berry flavour gives you the fruitiness that is most pleasant. So I recommend that for use with the Vuse Alto, you should try the Mixed Berry and the Rich Tobacco.


Vuse E-cigs have made great efforts to ensure great vaping experience, and hard hits like you get from smoking a traditional cigarette. The option of having different flavours takes this effort a step further in ensuring you fully enjoy your vapes. The flavours basically produce the same effect as they contain an equal amount of nicotine, and there is no one Vuse flavour that is a better choice over the other. It all depends on your taste, so try out the various flavours and see what works best for you.