PG vs VG E-Liquid: What Is The Best PG VG Ratio?

The best propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) ratios in vaping depend on what device you use and what you want from the vaping experience. The letters stand for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, and they are the two primary ingredients in vape juice. 

The best PG-VG ratio question is complicated. There are some standard ratios, but it is possible to modify those.

A lot of people have quit smoking tobacco by switching to vaping. It worked great for me. The first day I vaped, I never looked back, and I doubt I will ever smoke tobacco again. I enjoy the complexity of tweaking the PG and VG levels to find the right e-liquid combo.

What PG vs. VG Means?

The PG and VG are two types of liquids that make up most vape juices. There are also flavorings and nicotine levels that can be added to the e-liquids, even though you could vape unflavored juice, but it would be very bland.

You could, in theory, use only propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, but ideally, e-liquids should contain both. 

Propylene glycol is harsh, but it simulates the tobacco experience. High PG e-liquids are also easier on your equipment.

Vegetable glycerin, on the other hand, is smoother. It makes big clouds but does not offer the tobacco experience. Higher VG ratios are thicker, so they are harder on your equipment.

Having both in your e-liquid helps offset the limitations of the other and makes your overall experience better.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol (PG) is a petroleum product that has several uses. PG gives you a “throat hit,” which is like the physical sensation of smoking tobacco. People who have never smoked may not like the throat hit effect in e-liquids with a high PG to VG ratio because of the dry mouth it may cause.

Apart from e-liquid, manufacturers use PG in asthma inhalers and pet food. 

Pure PG has no flavor or smell, so it does not alter the flavoring added to e-liquid. No taste means a more refined, more intense flavor from high PG e-liquids. Also, the vapor does not cling to things the way tobacco smoke does.

PG has a thinner consistency than VG, so the cotton more easily absorbs it in the coils of your vaping device. As a result, there is less buildup of e-liquid and less cleaning needed.

Flavors and nicotine are carried well by higher PG e-juices to deliver more of the nicotine and flavor to the vaper.

You could vape pure PG, but you would probably have to make your own e-liquid to get to that level. Pure PG would deliver a very harsh throat hit and be very bitter tasting since part of the reason people put vegetable glycerin in e-liquid is for a smoother throat hit. 

Vegetable Glycerin

VG is a natural chemical that comes from soybeans, coconuts, and vegetable oils. Once extracted, manufacturers distill it into pure VG.

VG has a subtle, sweet taste and no smell. Additionally, high VG concentrations will make some flavors taste a little sweeter. 

Overall, VG gives the vaper a smoother feeling when inhaled. People who have never used tobacco may prefer more VG in their vape juices for that reason.

VG is also thicker than PG, so a high VG e-liquid will build inside your device, and you will have to clean it more often. Furthermore, VG will cause more wear on your coils, making them not last as long.

With high VG e-liquid, you get bigger clouds because it is a thicker liquid. If you want to exhale big clouds, you will want a high VG ratio from your e-liquids. 

The VG experience is also smoother because VG removes some of the edges that high PG ratios can cause.

You could vape pure VG, but it would be harder on your equipment because it is thick. The coil will also not last as long, and you will have to clean it more often. Some devices would not be able to handle pure or high VG e-liquids at all.

However, vaping pure VG would work from a taste perspective because it has a slightly sweet taste. If your setup can handle it, vaping higher VG liquids would be easier and make more sense than vaping pure PG.

A Balancing Act

A lot of vaping is about finding the right balance to suit your tastes. Understanding how these liquids work and what they do can help you decide the PG-VG ratio that is right for you.

When finding the right VG-PG ratio, there are a few things to consider. 

For instance, vaping offers clouds of vapor which many enjoy producing in the exhale. The throat sensation and the vape flavor are also essential considerations. The PG and VG combinations balance out these three things. 

To get more of one of those three, you will increase or decrease the levels of PG or VG. Keep in mind that as you increase cloud production by using a high VG liquid, you lose some flavor and throat hit effect. Conversely, more PG produces better flavor and feels similar to smoking cigarettes, but your clouds won’t be as big. 

The balancing continues in almost every area of vaping. 

The amount of nicotine to use if you are quitting tobacco is essential to consider. Experiment a little and get to the level that is close to what you have been smoking and taper off over time. 

The amount of nicotine also affects the sensation of the vaping experience, but too much can give you a sore throat. 

E-cigs may be a popular choice because they look like tobacco cigarettes, but you don’t have many options regarding the PG-VG ratio in these products. 

A ratio of 50-50 is standard for these types of devices. A more advanced vaping device, on the other hand, can give you all the options and control you could possibly want.

The decisions that vapers make are often a balance between having control and having convenience. The more you control, the more you can customize your experience to your tastes. 

But it would be best to keep in mind that factors such as the device you use and which settings you choose affect how you enjoy PG-VG blends. 

While VG and PG do balance some things, like preventing a sore throat, your device has almost as much impact on your enjoyment of vaping. The more you know about vaping, the more you can adjust things to get your desired experience.

Yet, overall, the best PG-VG ratio is the one you like best. Your personal preference and coil resistance will help you find that sweet spot that gives you the perfect vaping experience. 

How Vaping Works?

Vaping is converting the liquid into a vapor so the user can inhale it. For this to work, there needs to be a balance and consistency to the liquid. 

PG is thinner and could burn up instead of becoming vapor, so you may lose some liquid when you go for a higher PG ratio. VG, conversely, is thicker and could clog up your system, making it impossible to vape.

Both VG and PG are included in vape liquids to balance the other. Adjusting these ratios can have a significant impact on your experience and how well your system works. 

The ratio is just one aspect of vaping, but it may be the most important one as far as your enjoyment goes.

Standard Levels

E-cigarettes usually have a 50-50 ratio. E-cigs are different from other vaping devices, so the 50-50 mix is not usually the best PG-VG ratio. Vape juice for more advanced devices is often 70-30 PG to VG or 80-20.

One cool thing about vape stores is that some make their own juice, and most can mix and match in any way you want. For example, they can give you a higher VG ratio if you have a PG sensitivity. 

Knowledgeable and helpful people generally operate vape stores. You can save money by buying equipment and juice online, but your local vape store is there for great advice and help.

But despite certain standards, vape juice is largely unregulated. Some very cheap juices are not very good. So, know that bargain basement prices may not really be the best deal. 

The PG vs. VG levels can also raise or lower the price of your juice. Cheap juice is often 50-50, which is the most common level among the cheapest e-cigs. Also, remember that you won’t get a lot of flavor with these cheap e-cigs. 

Tweaking the PG and VG levels gives you a lot more flavor and makes your experience more enjoyable. You will need a more advanced device than an e-cigarette to get the most out of vaping and for the PG VG ratios to really matter.

What Ratios Mean

The 80vg/20pg is the most popular mix sold in stores. Those who want clouds get good ones but still retain some flavor and throat sensation.

The 70vg/30pg is the second most popular and is a step in the other direction. This high VG juice still offers a good balance but leans a little towards an emphasis on flavor. These VG-based e-juices are better for high-powered setups.

The 50-50 mix is becoming more popular and is used chiefly with lower-power setups. This e-juice ratio is generally less expensive and offers more balance between clouds, taste, and throat sensation. A 50-50 mix would also allow you to vape without creating as much of a cloud, so this mix is better for stealth vaping.

But, just remember that even if your e-juice says “max,” that may not mean it is 100 percent VG or PG. Max usually means that it is the max you can use and still have your device work correctly. High VG liquids branded as max produce massive clouds, while the highest PG will give you the most excellent flavor and the biggest throat feeling.

The ratios mentioned are the most common, but it is possible to get other ratios for both mods and e-cigs. Yet, overall, anyone who has vaped the same e-juice with different ratios will tell you what you choose is essential. 


The equipment you use also affects how e-cig concentrations perform. 

The best PG-VG ratio can depend on your equipment. Understanding things like wattage and ohms in various vaping devices will also help you determine what is best for you.

For example, low resistance coils, like those used in sub-ohm vaping, produce gigantic clouds when you use high VG e-juice. On the other hand, higher resistance coils vape 50/50 blends the best. 

As noted, lower-level e-cigarettes don’t give you a lot of options. As you get into more complex devices, you can control more aspects of your experience. Once you get to this level, the VG vs. PG question gets more interesting. With a high-quality device, slight adjustments of the ratio can make a big difference.


What are Vape PG and VG?

Both PG and VG are two types of odorless liquids found in vape juices that vapers use to balance out the effects of each. 

PG gives an effect similar to smoking and is easier on your equipment, but inhaling PG can easily result in dry mouth. PG does not affect the flavoring but suspends flavor concentrates better than VG. 

VG is smoother but harder on equipment because of its thicker consistency. VG also has a naturally sweet taste that alters the flavor, which can be good or bad.

Can You Vape Just PG and VG E-Juices?

Yes, it is possible, but it will be hard to find. The two liquids work well together, but you could do just one. 

Just remember that some setups will not work with pure VG, although many vapers try out pure VG for its thicker vapor. 

Is it Better to Vape VG or PG?

The answer is not a matter of which one is better, but more about preference. Different vaping styles are also one of the most significant discerning factors when deciding on a ratio. 

Are PG and VG Safe?

Yes, both chemicals are safe for use in electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices. People have used these liquids for centuries, and manufacturers even put them in pet foods. 

Which is Better to Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

If you are a tobacco smoker, you should use a high PG e-liquid because it gives a stronger “throat hit” that offers the same physical sensation as tobacco smoking.

If you are trying to quit tobacco, use a high PG level. If you find your e-liquid isn’t working to help you stop tobacco use, your propylene glycol may be too low. 

You can vape tobacco flavors that give you a strong throat hit, so you will think you are smoking a cigarette. That can be good or bad for quitting, but tobacco flavored e-liquids can help with strategy or decision-making when quitting cigarettes.

Scientific studies show mixed results, but vaping does help a lot of people stop tobacco use. You must stop using tobacco, though, or you can get addicted even more. The nicotine level is also key to ending tobacco use.