Smok Nord 50W Review: Is It Worth It?

Smok is a company known for putting out quality, affordable vaping devices for years. 

From starter kits and pods to full box mods and sub-ohm tanks, Smok is a solid choice when you want a quality product that performs the way it claims to. 

Product Specs

The latest in the Nord series line, the Smok Nord 50W is a fantastic, portable, pocket-sized option with great battery life, an ergonomic design, and a wide range of customizability. 

It fires at ranges of 5W to 50W and has three different pod options with multiple coil choices for each pod.

The vape is powered by a 1800mAH battery, which has excellent battery life and is standard in the starter kit. 

You shouldn’t have any problems using your vape all day thanks to its efficient power supply. 


The Smok Nord 50W kit has adjustable airflow control, allowing you to restrict or open up the airflow based on your preferences. 

The airflow control is located on the back of the device and works on an adjustable switch. 

Each vape has a puff counter which is displayed on the LED screen. You can not manually reset the puff counter, it will automatically reset after 999 puffs.

Each of the pods has a fill port on the side for pouring e-liquids into the pod. It has a rubber stopper you pull to open.


The screen is a simple black and white UI that shows wattage, battery power, resistance, and puff counter. 

The white lettering is easy to see in dim light without being blinding, however, the safety cut-offs are conveyed through a blinking LED instead of on the screen. 

Vapor Production

All of Smok Nord 50W’s available kits put out a good amount of consistent vapor when taking direct hits. 

For users wanting the biggest clouds, the LP2 coils are your best bet. 

Price range: $31.95 – $41.95

Regular series color options: white armor, black armor, blue-grey cobra, cyan pink cobra, silver carbon fiber, black carbon fiber, black stabilizing wood, fluid black grey, black red marbling, red stabilizing wood, fluid 7-color.

Leather series color options: brown, red, blue, black.

Mod Spec Rundown

  • Size: 31 x 22.6 x 97mm
  • Pod capacity: 4ml/4.5ml
  • Output Wattage: 5W-50W
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V-4.0V
  • Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Standby Current: <50uA
  • Resistance Range: 0.2ohm-3.0ohm
  • Charging voltage: 5V±0.2V
  • Charging Current: 1.2A(Max)
  • Adjustable airflow

Available Starter Kits

Each Smok Nord 50W kit comes with two pods.

Standard Edition

Included in the Smok Nord 50W standard edition is:

  • Nord 50W Device (1800mAH battery)
  • 1 x Nord 50W LP2 Pod (LP2 Meshed 0.23-ohm DL Coil Pre-installed)(4ml)
  • 1 x Nord 50W Nord Pod (Nord Regular DC 0.6-ohm Coil Pre-installed)(4.5ml)
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

EU 2ml Edition

Included in the 2ml Edition is:

  • 1 x Nord 50W Device (1800mAh)
  • 1 x Nord 50W LP2 Pod (LP2 Meshed 0.23-ohm DL Coil Pre-installed)(2ml)
  • 1 x Nord 50W Nord Pod (Nord Regular DC 0.6-ohm Coil Pre-installed)(2ml)
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Smok Nord 50W Pod and Coil Options

There are three different pod and coil combinations that are compatible with the Smok 50W Nord device. These are the Nord 50W RPM Pod, the Nord 50W LP2 Pod, and the Nord 50W Nord Pod.

All of the pods use plug-and-play coils, which can be taken out and popped in quickly. Once you get the coil attached, it’s ready to be saturated and used. 

Outside of the preinstalled coils noted in previous sections, these three coils are sold separately.

Nord 50W LP2 Pod

Each Nord 50W comes with one LP2 pod featuring a preinstalled mesh coil. This pod is the simplest option and has the least customization available when it comes to available coils.

The pre-installed mesh coil is great for direct-to-lung vaping and is nearly leak-proof. It can run between 20W-45W and has a large surface area that works well for creating large clouds. 

Optionally, you can swap out the meshed coil for a DC coil. 

Nearly leakproof, this pod uses a dual coil to create a higher-quality flavor for mouth-to-lung vaping. It runs best between 15W-25W.

Nord 50W Coil

Smok Nord coils offer more customization options. This pod comes preinstalled with a Nord regular DC coil. 

Dual coils allow for fast heating and intense flavor, while only running at a 20W maximum.

The Nord DC MTL coil also uses a dual coil but features a 2mm hole for higher quality e-liquid wicking and saturation. 

They’re best run at 16W, and put off larger clouds and more intense vapor than regular coils. 

Nord Mesh 0.8-ohm MTL coils have the advantage of a longer lifespan and a higher intensity than the normal MTL coils. The maximum wattage for these coils is 16W.

Specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping, the mesh 0.6-ohm coils bring a massive amount of vapor out of the tank. They’re an upgrade for vapers who want a better quality experience. 

Nord 1.4-ohm regular coils are the best mouth-to-lung option for this pod, putting out a highly concentrated vapor that isn’t too harsh on your lungs. 

Nord 50W RPM Pod

Not included in any starter kit, the Nord 50W RPM pod is an excellent choice for users looking for a higher-end pod. It has a 4ml tank and the widest array of coils for user customization out of any available pods.

The Nord RPM pods work with all Nord RPM coils and come preinstalled with a mesh version that runs best at 25W. These will heat up faster and give off great vape flavor.

The RPM DC coils work on a dual coil suitable for MTL vaping and run best at 16W. Their larger size produces more even heat and better flavor, with excellent wicking for any e-liquid you prefer. 

The RPM Quartz coils have a cleaner, more pure flavor than other options, and run best at 12W.

For a denser vapor, the RPM SC coils are the way to go. At 14W they give off a thick vapor cloud with intense flavoring. 

Nord RPM Triple coils have a fast ramp-up time and produce larger clouds than any coils aside from the MTL Mesh. These run best at 25W.

RPM MTL Mesh coils are the most powerful and battery-efficient coils you can put in your RPM Pod. Running best between 10W-15W, they put out massive clouds and have excellent flavor transfer. 

Pros and Cons


  • Great for low-power vaping 
  • Fast firing button response
  • Quick power charge from USB-Type C Port
  • Ergonomic body design and portable size
  • Large pod capacity for e-liquids
  • Customizable thanks to a variety of coil and pod options
  • Puff counter
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Ready to use kit


  • Only compatible with Nord series coils and pods
  • Tight fill area can lead to leaks
  • Only available for lower wattages
  • Can’t reset the puff counter 
  • Smok Nord 50W kit doesn’t include additional options

Safety Features

The Smok Nord 50W conveys a lot of its safety features through a small screen and flashing white LED. 

The internal computer regularly checks the status of the device and alerts you when there is a functional problem inside the vape. 

Smok Nord 50W devices are capable of recognizing which atomizer (pod and coil) you have attached to them and will stop firing if the wattage or voltage is set improperly. 

The vape will also shut off on an 8-second cut-off if your device begins to overheat. 

In addition, the device alerts you if there is a short circuit and warns you if your voltage is too low. 


How do you Use the Smok Nord 50W Mod?

To use the Smok Nord 50W, begin by priming your wicking material in the pod by inserting a few drops through the mouthpiece of the vape. 

You can then fill up the tank, but be sure to give it five to ten minutes to soak in the juice. Next, attach the tank to the mod and hit the fire button to begin vaping. 

How Do You Fill the Tank?

Filling the vape tank is easy on the Smok Nord 50W. Simply pull the tank out of the device, remove the rubber stopper, and then pour your preferred e-liquid into the tank. 

Be sure to ensure the stopper is securely back in place to avoid leaks. Then, you can feel free to press the firing button. 

How Do I Turn On the Mod?

Pressing the fire button five times in quick succession turns the Smok Nord 50W on or off.

You can also click the button three times to access and click through the wattage setting, and let go of the fire button when you’re done to allow the vape adjust itself. 

How Long Do Coils Last?

The Smok Nord 50W Pods will last as long as you take care of them. 

The Smok Nord coils will need to be replaced whenever the resistance changes too much or the wicking material deteriorates. 

If you prime them properly, you can expect a coil to last at least a week, depending on how much you use your vape. 

The Verdict

After a careful review of the Smok Nord 50W, it’s clear the vape delivers an overall great vaping experience. 

The vape itself has a fair amount of points going for it over rival designs. 

Our only complaints were that the side port could be leaky at times, there were no variable wattage settings, and the vape doesn’t have the wattage or power (in most options) for 50/50 liquids. 

The Smok Nord 50W isn’t just a starter kit, it’s an excellent choice for any user looking for a portable device with solid power. 

Each kit provides options to customize your vape experience and is compatible with any Smok Nord 50W pod.