SMOK Nord 2 Review: Is It Worth It?

Considering that the original SMOK Nord was one of the best-selling vapes ever, it is no surprise that the Chinese company decided to come out with an upgraded version. 

With several pod systems already under their belt, like the Trinity Alpha and Infinix 2, SMOK is no stranger to the pod vape game.

The SMOK Nord 2 doesn’t stray too far from the original’s successful qualities, keeping with its excellent build quality. However, the device now has more power and a display screen on the side. 

SMOK Nord 2 Review

Overall, the SMOK Nord 2 is an upgrade to the original so that SMOK can now put more features into its pod vape to compete with recent innovations that have begun to make the original obsolete. 

The SMOK Nord 2 also looks quite similar to the original Nord, but the design is slightly thicker to accommodate the larger battery and has sleeker rounded edges. The company has also added an OLED screen display to the side of the vape to make it more modern. 

You can find the SMOK Nord 2 in various colors and designs, including white cobra, black cobra, gold, purple, red, and two multicolored patterns. The shells of these vaping devices are zinc alloy and plastic, which are of good quality. 

Battery and Charging

Part of the buzz about the SMOK Nord 2 is that it has a better battery than the original. This Nord pod has a better battery life since the battery capacity is at 1500 mAh. The original only had 1100 mAh. While not bad, it isn’t the greatest, especially now with all of the updates that companies have managed. 

The SMOK Nord 2’s upgraded battery capacity means that you can go longer with re-charging. For the most part, the SMOK Nord 2 battery will last you about three to five hours of constant vaping. If you use your SMOK Nord 2 less often, then the battery life can definitely last over a day. 

For charging, this Nord pod uses a micro USB port, which is the same as the ones you’d find in most smartphones today. You will find the port on the bottom of the vaping device, also like most phones. 

Furthermore, the mod has a vape-while-charging feature, so you don’t have to wait for a full battery to enjoy your mod. However, the charging speed is still quite fast, and you can expect the SMOK Nord to charge completely in about an hour, considering its 1.2A rate. 


The SMOK Nord 2 comes in two variants: the regular Nord and the RPM pod. The first option takes the standard Nord coil, while the other uses the larger RPM coil. Yet, despite the choice you pick, both have their coil heads pre-installed. 

Both coils are also easy to remove and replace, so you won’t struggle to change them. When changing coils, all you have to do is pull the old coil out and simply push the new coil into place. 

Another great thing about the SMOK Nord 2 is that you can choose your own coils, which some other pod vapes don’t allow. Whether you want to use RPM or Nord coils, there are plenty of options for you, but most of them are mesh. Particularly, the RPM pod options are great and give you a lot of taste.

You should also know that the Nord choices are better for mouth-to-lung vaping, while the RPM coils are preferable if you like direct-to-lung. 

The use of different coil types gives you a more versatile experience than with other competing vape pods. 


On the Nord 2, the pod isn’t necessarily large, but it does hold up to 2ml. 

Yet, something that a lot of people like is that you can easily distinguish between Nord and RPM pods. All you have to do is take a look at the side of the pod, and you know which you have installed. You’ll also be able to tell the difference since the Nord comes in clear plastic and the RPM is darker. 

Additionally, it’s easy to remove and fill a new pod with the Nord 2. All you have to do is pull the pod out and open the rubber plug to access the fill port. From there, you can begin putting in e-liquid until you have the pod filled. You can also use your pods with nicotine salts if you wish. 

Finally, because of the RPM coils, this pod system is great for different types of vapers. Usually, only one specific variety of smokers enjoy pod devices, but since the Nord 2 gives you more choice than most competitors, more people tend to like the device. 


The power output in this mod has a larger range than most pod mods today, with the wattage ranging from 1W to 40W. 

The Nord 2 also has adjustable wattage, unlike some other pod mods. You can easily change the wattage and keep track of what wattage you are using with the display screen on the side of the vape. But the wattage only goes upward, so you’ll have to round-robin to get back to lower numbers.

The coil resistance you will find in the Nord 2 differs depending on which you use. The Nord coil that comes with the device has a resistance of 0.4 ohms, while the RPM is 0.8 ohms. 

Vapor Production and Flavor

Overall, the new Nord has great flavor and vapor, and both pods have good ratings in these aspects. 

The amount of vapor is quite good, even though you won’t get as much as with larger mods. However, a bit less vapor does make it easier to stealth vape

The flavor is also great with this mod, so anyone who puts taste above all else will find this to be a good vape. 


One of the big disappointments with this device is that it still doesn’t have adjustable airflow. The lack of this feature is a big deal for some people who like to have their airflow customized precisely how they want it. 

You will find the airflow slots on either side of the top bay, and the feeling when you breathe in is about medium as far as vapes go. The hit isn’t too airy, but it isn’t that tight either. 

Other Features

As such a versatile vape, the SMOK Nord 2 pod mod has other features that improve the user experience. 

  • The new Nord contains an upgraded chipset, the IQ-N chip. 
  • Unlike the original, the Nord 2 has an OLED screen with a puff counter. It also has a voltage and wattage display.  
  • You can use the Nord with nic salts. 
  • It isn’t as easy to accidentally press the power button on the Nord 2 pod mod, which prevents overheating. 
  • Replacing your pod will reset the puff count. 

What Comes With the SMOK Nord 2 Kit?

The Nord 2 kit includes:

  • The Nord 2 vape
  • Two pods and two coils- one pod and coil is the Nord, and the other is the RPM
  • A USB cable 
  • A user manual 

SMOK Nord 2 Commands 

To use the Nord 2 comfortably, you will need to know some of the commands that come with the device. 

  • Five rapid clicks of the fire button will turn the mod on and off. 
  • Three clicks of the fire button will allow you to control the wattage. Once you’ve clicked three times, you just need to keep clicking until you reach the wattage that you want. 


In the world of electronic cigarette reviews, people have been waiting for the Nord 2 for a long time. Although maybe not one of the best vape mods, this device is an improvement on the highly successful original Nord. 

SMOK has again given the world a great mod that has an excellent build quality. If you have just started vaping, then the Nord vape may be perfect for you because it is simple and easy to use. 

Therefore, this SMOK Nord 2 review is mainly positive. The device is a good vape even though it may not fit everyone’s needs.