5 Easy Vape Tricks: The Complete Guide

We already know that vaping is healthier than cigarette smoking, but an additional attraction for many people is the popular vape tricks done by professionals. 

In this article, we have created a detailed guide on how to perform five easy vape tricks with your vape mod. 

The smoke tricks described are for beginner and intermediate vapers and will set you on the path to becoming a “vape god” (if you practice these cool vape tricks regularly).

Vaping is much more than blowing off smoke – vaping is art. Like artists, vapers use thick smoke to create fantastic shapes and patterns.

Similar tricks can be performed with cigarette smoke, but they are limited. The thick smoke and fuller substance from vape mods allow us to do so much more.

Keep reading to learn five cool tricks to help you vape like a pro.

5 Easiest Vape Tricks You Must Try

1. The Dragon’s Breath

Don’t let the name scare you – the Dragon Trick is pretty straightforward.

With the Dragon Breath vape trick, you release vapor from four areas. You blow vapor from both corners of your mouth while simultaneously blowing it out your nostrils. 

The smoke coming from your nose and mouth makes you appear much like a dragon.

Step 1: Blow Smoke from Corners  

Bring the center of your lips together to create gaps in each side of your mouth. You might need some practice to perfect this, but once you get the hang of it, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Exhale from your Nostrils

This step doesn’t need much explanation; you simply exhale vapor through both nostrils.

Step 3: Combine Step 1 and 2

This last step is the tricky part. Once you’ve perfected the previous steps, you need to do both simultaneously.

Start by taking in as much vapor as you can while trying not to inhale. The longer the drag, the better.

Now, with the vapor in your mouth, exhale from the corners of your mouth and your nostrils at the same time. Do it as quickly as possible and add some force to it.

2. The Ghost

The Ghost Inhale or the Snap Inhale (or the Mushroom Cloud) is one of the most popular vape tricks out there. 

A Ghost Inhale involves the slow exhale of vapor followed by a rapid re-inhale of the smoke. We can break down this vape trick into three stages: inhale, release, and capture. 

Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Inhale

To blow a Ghost, don’t inhale the vapor directly into your lungs like you usually would when vaping. Instead, do a mouth-to-lungs hit like you would with a cigarette.

If you’ve never smoked a cigarette, think of it like this: imagine you’re using a straw to suck soda out of a can, but instead of swallowing, you hold the fluid in your mouth. 

That’s how to drag vapor in to make a Ghost Hit.

Step 2: Release

After you’ve sucked it into your mouth, let the vapor settle for a few seconds before letting it out in a ball. Do not exhale the vapor forcefully; instead, allow the smoke to flow out naturally from your mouth or gently push it out with your tongue.

The best way to achieve this is to slowly open and close your mouth with some control.

Step 3: Capture

Now that you’ve let the ghost escape, you need to capture it. 

As the exhaled vapor tries to leave, rapidly suck it back in, so only a ghost of the smoke remains. You can also do this slowly for a different ghost effect.

3. The French Inhale

The technique for the French Inhale trick is similar to that of the Ghost Inhale, so it’s easier to perform the French Inhale if you’ve already mastered the Ghost. 

We have broken this vape trick down into three steps.

Step 1: Take a Drag

Pick up a vape device and inhale smoke just the way you did in the Ghost technique. Remember, it’s a mouth-to-lungs hit, so you don’t inhale the smoke directly into your lungs. 

Instead, let all the vapor sit in your cheeks.

Step 2: Let it out

Open your mouth and close it slowly. Doing so helps the smoke come out naturally without exhaling or pushing it out. Try to hold your breath while you’re at it.

Step 3: Inhale Through Nostrils

The final step for French Inhale vape tricks is to inhale through your nose as the smoke comes out slowly from your mouth. The inhaled smoke will look like an upside-down waterfall.

4. The Whipping Tornado

The famous vape tornado is also featured on our list of easy vape tricks for beginners. You need a flat surface like a table to get this trick right.

Step 1: Drag and Exhale

First, take a long drag from your vape. Then, nearly parallel to the surface, slowly exhale onto it from your mouth. Resist the urge to exhale through your nose.

We want to emphasize the “slowly exhale” part. If you exhale too hard, you will mess up the trick.

Pro tip:

After you’ve exhaled, move away from the vapor slowly. A slight disturbance in the air can ruin the trick.

Step 2: Make it Spin

Making it spin is the tricky part. 

To make the whipping tornado, first, extend your hand and place it in the center of the vape cloud after it spreads across the surface. 

Raise your hand quickly, flicking your wrist so the palm of your hand faces the ceiling as the vapor goes up – kind of like you are chopping the vapor while also directing it upwards. This action spins the vapor up, creating the tornado shape. 

So a quick recap: Take a long vape drag and slowly breathe vapor onto a flat surface. Extend your hand to the center of the cloud and quickly raise your hand and flip your palm upwards to create the whipping tornado.

Pro Tip:

This vape trick can be easier by exhaling the vapor into an empty plastic bottle. Once you’ve collected thick clouds in the bottle, slowly pour them so the vapor flows onto your chosen surface. 

Doing this will save you from ruining the vapor when you breathe directly on the table because you must ensure there are no sources of turbulence for this trick to work. 

Close windows/doors if it’s windy and turn off your fan or AC. Any disturbances in the air can ruin the trick.

5. Blowing O’s

The O-trick is one of the more advanced vape tricks you can do, and it’s a bit harder than the other tricks we’ve covered.

We love watching vapers blow smoke rings because it looks effortless. But, well, looks can be deceiving – it’s not an easy trick! 

We have broken down how to make an O ring into three steps so you can get the hang of it.

Step 1: Inhale and Exhale

Take a mouth-to-lungs hit of your vape and exhale a little of it. You can try this technique without exhaling, but your O rings will be weak. 

So, drag some smoke and exhale slowly.

Step 2: Make the O-Face

This step is essential to performing this advanced trick. First, open your mouth and curve your lips to form an O shape (by this, we mean a circle). 

Once you’ve done this, try to purse your lips and curl them inward. To get this right, try to draw in your lips to cover your teeth.

The O-face doesn’t look as cute as you might imagine, so don’t be scared when you see yourself in the mirror.

Step 3: Cough

Once you’ve got a decent O-face, you push the vapor out in O rings by coughing. 

Try to cough sharply from the back of the throat while making a soft “oh-oh-oh” sound. The pressure will push the vapor out in an O shape.

You don’t need to move your lips when you’re blowing smoke rings. A sharp cough from the throat or lungs is all you need. 

To get the hang of it, we recommend practicing the O-face and the cough separately.

Making an O ring is not one of the easiest vape tricks, but regular practice will eventually result in some pretty decent – maybe even perfect – smoke rings.


People blow clouds for different reasons, but getting to perform vape tricks with a good vape mod makes vaping a lot of fun. 

Trying an easy vape trick once won’t make you a professional, but with practice, you’ll improve with every try. 

Go easy on yourself when you’re learning more advanced tricks, and don’t be afraid to get creative while you’re at it. Who knows, you might end up inventing a cool new smoke trick of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vaping and smoking the same thing?

Vaping and smoking are pretty similar, but they aren’t the same. 

Smoking requires burning a substance (tobacco) and taking the smoke into the lungs. When you vape, the device vaporizes a fluid, and the vapor is inhaled deeply into the lungs. 

So, the main difference between vaping and smoking is the combustion process. 

Can vaping cause headaches?

Yes, prolonged periods of vaping can cause headaches. 

The nicotine in the vaping fluid can make your blood vessels constrict, causing a reduction in the blood supply to the brain, resulting in headaches.

Are vaping products regulated?

Yes, vaping products are strictly regulated; however, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the sale of three RJ Reynolds products under the Vuse brand. 

The approved products are tobacco-flavored, while sweet flavors remain banned. In addition, the FDA strictly vets e-cigarette brands to ensure they meet the Tobacco Control Act.