Vape Pens vs. Vape Mods: What’s the Difference?

The convenience of carrying around a compact, rechargeable vape is indeed a kind of a marvel. 

We can fit these stylish electronic cigarettes in a pocket and freely utilize them anywhere we go. Not only that, but we can further finetune the experience. 

After opting for the type of vaping device, we can easily curate the color and choose the flavors. By adjusting every possible thing, we can end up with a unique item in the end – one that we’d love to brag about.

When I was just starting to use e-cigs, I confess I didn’t know the difference between pens or box mods (I thought they were the same thing). So, when I bought mine, I went with my intuition. 

While the widely known vape pen is my current personal favorite, traditional box mods also have an undeniable ‘smoke’ effect (pun intended).

Vape Pens vs. Vape Mods: What’s the Difference?

The Vape Pen

As a vaping newbie, vape pens have become a close companion. They are easy to use, slim, and totally portable. 

Attractive looks, however, are not everything there is to it. 

In the same way as box mods, vape pens range significantly in their ability to be modified, which is the key to optimizing the entire experience. Also, it produces a lot more vapor than a disposable e-cig. 

To help avoid monotony, with vape pen mods, you can choose different flavors of e-juice and ingredients depending on whether you prefer higher concentrations of vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol (or some combo thereof). 

Furthermore, you can modify the coil too, which is necessary for controlling the amount of vapor.


  • Easy to use
  • A myriad of ever-expanding e-juice flavors
  • Pocket-friendly in both size and price


  • Might require considerable pull force, becoming too arduous after a while
  • Produces watered-down flavor and vapor
  • Short lifespan, especially upon frequent usage

The Vape Box Mod

The vape box mod, praised by purists, gets its name due to its history. Namely, vapers would attach ‘DIY’ torches (basically, flashlights) into vaping devices for better visual flare. 

Hence, vapes mods are larger than the vape pen and produce big clouds, creating an immense vapor effect. 

Additionally, one of the major reasons for their popularity is that many box mods conveniently offer a wide array of advanced personalization options. 

Two types of vape mods exist: regulated and unregulated. Regulated vape mods tend to have extra safety features and built-in options for further tinkering.  

Unregulated vape mods are generally considered not beginner-friendly since they have a learning curve and forego many safety aspects.


  • A tiny, super personalized vaping computer
  • LED display for voltage, temperature, battery life, and puff count
  • Extended battery life
  • Tank capacities between 2 ml and 8 ml


  • Heavier and less discrete
  • Difficult to operate and without built-in safety features

Similarities Between Pens and Mods

Both the vape pens and mods offer durability, but their overall benefits spread into other areas as well. Here are the biggest selling points of these devices:

Customization Options

Vaping proves to be a lush lifestyle activity. I love it because it’s a hobby that lets me create the perfect experience. 

The vaping products sold come in various colors, designs, and sizes to choose from. They make vaping a satisfying visual experience for many users. 

Many people value aesthetics in everything they do, and vaping is quite the fancy choice.


Both the box mods and pens use the same type of e-liquid, which ends up as the smoke cloud, intensifying the flavor. This liquid also softens the hit your throat takes upon inhalation. 

As a result, vaping doesn’t drain much of your endurance.


Charging and refilling the mod with various flavors is encouraged in either case. These are not one-time-use items. 

Instead, they can be reliable companions for years and years.

Differences Between Pens and Mods

A key difference between the two devices is the size. The mod is considerably larger, offering a much bigger capacity than vape pens.

Other important aspects include:

The Cost

Vape pens are a smaller and less intricate contraption. Naturally, they are cheaper than box mods. 

The vape mod has extra features to consider, including multiple adjustment options, more customizations, and a bigger tank.

Each of these improvements comes at an extra cost. So, the pricier option might indeed prove more valuable in practice. 

The ability to tailor your vaping experience down to the smallest detail is often worth the price of admission.

Battery Life

As mentioned before, the mod is heftier, runs at a higher wattage, and eats up more power; however, it also accommodates more batteries. 

The vape pen just can’t keep up on this front. 

Compared to the vape mod, vape pens house fewer and smaller batteries. Unlike the box, which has external, removable batteries, these vaping devices have a built-in battery.

If a problem occurs with your pen, chances are it won’t be an easy fix. All in all, don’t expect an ‘epic’ usability period from a vape pen.


Box mods will probably last longer than vape pens; these vape devices don’t give up easily. The best vape mods are more durable than the pen, which has a more delicate make-up. 

You’d have to try really hard to destroy a box mod.


Vape pens are the ideal e-cigarettes for beginners. The box mod, though, becomes the more appealing option once you get used to vaping. 

The direct-to-lung hit of the box is something I prefer to the mouth-to-lung hit the pen offers. Yet, each to their own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are vape pens better than vape mods?

Generally, pens are better suited for beginners. However, the final choice depends on the personal needs of the user. 

Vape mods allow better wattage control and produce richer vapor and bigger clouds. Vape pens are more compact.

Are vape pens safer than a vape mod?

Both are safe to use but, of course, using any device is strictly at your own risk. 

Some would argue that a mod is safer given that it has more enhanced and adjustable safety features. Yet, neither is ‘dangerous’ in any sense of the word.

Which is better for frequent daily use?

Since they are tiny and effortless to manage, pens are more convenient. They fit in practically any pocket. 

Box mods are portable too, but they seem intended for somewhat rarer occasions.