How to Ghost Vape? (Step by Step Guide)

When attempting to impress your friends with ghost vaping, begin by taking a long drag off the vape. Then, instead of inhaling the vapor cloud into your lungs, hold the mouth hit inside for a few moments. 

When you finally open your mouth, a thick cloud of smoke will escape, allowing you to suck it right back up.

Using vape mods has become an extremely popular alternative to smoking in recent years and has even turned into a recreational activity. If you want to learn ghost vaping and other beginner vape tricks, this article is for you.

What is Ghost Vaping?

What is ghost vaping? Well, back in the day, while smoking cigarettes, some would “ghost puff” in order to keep the smoke from entering their lungs. 

This was one way new smokers introduced themselves to cigarettes without coughing. Ghost vaping creates a similar puff using a portable vape.

This cool trick involves taking a mouth hit of your vape device and instead of inhaling it deep into your lungs, you hold it in your mouth a few seconds prior to releasing it.

When it comes out, the vapor will be a thick ball shape, allowing you to pull it right back in. It’s there, and then, it’s gone; hence the name, ghost vape.

Today, using vape mods is all the rage, and there are many different ways of using this smoke trick to impress a crowd. 

Many videos featuring various methods can be found on social media. One of the most common methods out there besides blowing smoke rings is the ghost vaping trick.

A Step by Step Guide

Ghost vaping is known to be one of the easiest ways to trick inhale and something a new vaper could do if they want to give vape trickery a try. Here are a few simple steps to follow for perfecting the trick.

Step 1: Inhaling

Whether you have ever been a vapor or smoker, many will automatically attempt to take a mouth hit straight into their lungs. It is the natural way to breathe and how people have been smoking for years. 

However, when performing a ghost inhale, you don’t let the vapor enter your lungs. 

This is going to be a struggle for a lot of people and will take some practice to get the trick right. 

Step 2: Briefly Hold the Vaper in Your Mouth

Normally, you would release the smoke from your mouth through a softer push as soon as you exhale. However, for this trick, the mouth hit needs to sit in your mouth for a few moments.

Allowing the vapor to pool inside your mouth will help contain it into a “ball-like” shape and avoid creating a thinner cloud.

Step 3: Exhale

The next step of the trick is exhaling and the shape of one’s mouth plays a big part. Instead of a quick, steady exhale through a tight “O” shape, you make a medium opening with your lips for releasing the puffy “O” shape smoke ring.

Rather than blowing the smoke out of your mouth, you must exhale slowly, allowing the vape to seep out of your mouth with the help of your tongue in a softer push.

As you slowly exhale with a steady forward movement, the vapor is expelled from your mouth. 

It will come out in a thick, solid-looking cloud, resembling a ghost, and should linger right in front of your mouth as a result of using a softer push. 

The solid-looking cloud is the coolest part of the trick and will impress your friends and awe those you’re performing for.

Step 4. Inhale

The inhaling technique associated with ghost vaping trickery may look impressive and you may want to keep the “host” formation present for a while. 

However, letting the vapor sit in the air too long causes it to dissipate and the trick will be ruined.

As soon as the “host” appears you will want to pull it right back in. This trick requires the same “O” shape formation with your lips and a slower inhale. 

If done correctly, the thick vapor fog will flow right back into your mouth as a result of a slower inhale.

Although we said it was the easiest and best vape trick in the book, like any other technique, there is a learning curve for achieving the best vapor quality. With repetition, you can impress a crowd within days.

With smoking tricks becoming a common trend, mainly among young people, these methods are simple to perform and look extremely cool when done correctly.

Tips to Prevent Coughing Once Inhaled

A common problem we hear when people are first learning how to ghost vape is coughing if they immediately gulp the vapor by accident. 

This can occur if they start the inhaling process but stop short of air entering the lungs. This may happen a lot until you learn how to control the action.

One tip for reducing coughing, which can lead to choking, is to puff the vapor into the mouth and continue the breath by taking air in through your nose. 

Doing this will satisfy your lungs and you can keep the mist inside your mouth without the need to inhale.

Other Tricks Using Vape Pens

We found a large variety of methods that can be performed by using a device as simple as a vape pen. Here is a list featured on YouTube videos of the most common tricks showing good vapor quality. They are some of the easiest tricks to try.

Bow Tie

Liquid Mist

Vape Bending


Bull Ring


Bane; French Inhale




Blowing O’s Vapor Bubble

These e-cigarette tricks are fairly simple. The Internet has many tutorials and social media pages for discovering even more techniques.

Remember, the most critical part of learning how to perform the perfect vape trick is controlling your breathing and learning to resist the natural instinct to inhale the vapor into your lungs. 

Ghost Vaping FAQs

If you have more questions regarding ghost vaping or smoking methods altogether, we just might have the answer. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for pulling off the ghost vape trick for the very first time.

Is Ghost Vaping Hard?

Learning something new is always a little tricky. However, an easy vape trick like ghost vaping really isn’t hard, it just takes practice.

How Does Ghost Vaping Work?

Holding the vapors inside your mouth allows the vapor cloud to come together, creating a thicker and more dense formation, like a ball of smoke. 

When you let the vape cloud out of your mouth still in a dense form, it will take more time for the vapor to dissipate, giving the appearance of a ghost and giving you time to inhale it once again.

Can You Use the Ghost Vape Trick with Any Vape?

Yes, you can use any type of vaping device to accomplish the ghost trick. All you need is a good quality product. 

When attempting to create any vape cloud, it’s important to use your vape when it has the most charge.

How Long Should You Keep the Vapor in Your Mouth Before Releasing It?

Once you inhale the vapor, you should allow it to sit inside your mouth for about 2-3 seconds and no more than 5. This will allow the vapor time to form a thick, dense ball for exhaling a vape cloud in the form of a white ghost-like figure.

What Other Smoking Tricks Can Beginners Try?

There are a massive amount of vaping tricks being performed today. The easiest ones you can try include the Tornado, Jellyfish, Triangles, Blowing O’s Vapor Bubble, and the Dragon. 

Each of these tricks is accomplished by controlling your breath and steadying your inhale and exhale movements.

Do You Need a Special Vape Cartridge to Perform the Ghost Trick?

You do not need any specific vape cartridge in order to make a vapor cloud and perform the ghost trick.

How Do You Stop Yourself From Swallowing the Vapor?

Not inhaling the vapor cloud isn’t the only problem people face when trying to pull off the ghost vape trick. Many people end up swallowing the foggy mist before they have a chance to release it from their mouths. 

To prevent this from happening, you can use your tongue as a block. Unlike cigarette smoke, the vapor cloud is a dense formation and would take longer to move around obstacles.


Although we aren’t sure exactly how it started, pulling off easy vape tricks with a vape pen is a great way to impress your friends and draw a crowd. The ghost vape is one of the best methods for building your vaping skills. It can help you perfect a vapor cloud while training your body to resist the instinct to inhale while allowing the vapor to form cool shapes with different puff methods.