Can You Bring a Vape / Vape Juice on a Plane?

If you’re a vaper, chances are you wouldn’t want to be parted from your vaping device. I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way; we all want our vapes easily accessible for when we suddenly want flavorful, potent clouds. 

Now, as you set your trips and make vacation plans, you’ve probably wondered if you can bring your vape and vape juice on a plane? 

Let’s face it—a vacation won’t be worthwhile without vape clouds, will it?    

Are Vaping Devices Allowed on a Plane? 

Referencing TSA (Transport Security Administration) rules for travel from airports in the USA, you can bring a vape, vaporizer, vape pen, atomizer, or any other electronic nicotine delivery system on a plane only in your carry-on bag/luggage. 

For safety reasons, security authorities don’t permit you to pack your vape in your checked luggage. 

Your checked luggage is usually stored inside the cargo container of a plane, making it difficult to access mid-flight. Now, vape devices are usually powered by lithium-ion batteries and these batteries can easily catch fire when exposed to excessive heat or damage. 

Therefore, if the vape were to catch fire during mid-flight, the fire would be difficult to put out. Fires are much easier to extinguish if they occur in the cabin.  

Useful Tips for Carrying Vape on a Plane

  • Not only are you prohibited from using your vape while in flight, but you can’t also charge it. 
  • For safety purposes, don’t turn your vaping device on while you’re inside the plane. I recommend you disconnect the battery from the atomizer.
  • If you’re planning to carry your weed vape, ensure you clean it meticulously beforehand. Some states have legalized marijuana but the US federal law still categorizes weed as an illegal offense, so weed isn’t permitted in both checked-in or hand-carry luggage. 
  • Before placing your vape device on your carry-on bag, ensure that your vape tank is empty. The excessive cabin pressure inside the plane can have a negative impact on the O-rings of your vape device, causing leaks that can damage the other useful/important items in your hand-carry luggage. 
  • Always have a self-addressed envelope with you while traveling with a vape. If in case, your vaping device gets confiscated, you can always mail the device back to your home.  

Be sure to check the official website of the airline you are traveling with. Scrutinize their rules about flying with a vape device. 

Some airlines tend to have much sterner rules than the TSA. Also, understand that airlines operate differently from one another, so review the regulations of multiple airlines before deciding on which one to travel with. 

I would also like to bring to your attention that each airport has different regulations on e-cigarettes. Hence, it’s always a good idea to contact the airport beforehand to understand their policies better.  

Additionally, check if vaping is permitted in your destination. Vaping has been banned in numerous countries such as Brazil, Israel, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan. 

Are Vape Batteries Allowed on Board?

You’re permitted to store your dry batteries in both your checked-in baggage and hand-carry luggage. However, spare, uninstalled, or loose lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries can’t be transported in checked baggage; they must only be carried in carry-on baggage.

Since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, consider purchasing a battery case for your vape batteries. In fact, some airline carriers insist that you place your vape batteries in a battery case.

Can You Bring Vape Juice on a Plane? 

Vape juices/e-liquids/e-juices are predominantly liquid substances. Therefore, they are classified in the same category as liquid and the same standard security rules for liquids apply for vape juices. 

You can only store the vape juice in your hand-carry bag provided it doesn’t exceed 100ml. If you’re planning to take larger quantities, you must place them in your checked baggage.

Useful Tips for Carrying Vape Juice on a Plane

  • Don’t use glass containers to store vape juices. They can break, spill, and be considered hazardous. 
  • Should you plan to travel with more than 100ml of e-juice, place the other vape juice bottles inside a clear plastic zip-lock bag. 

Wrap Up

Yes, you are allowed to bring a vape on a plane. However, they can only be stored in your carry-on luggage. 

You can also store your e-juices in your carry-on luggage provided that they don’t exceed 100ml. If your e-liquids are of higher quantities, they must be packed in the checked luggage. 

Before storing your vape device, check to see if the destination you’re going to allows vaping. 

Also, check the official website of the airline you are traveling with and learn their stance on traveling with a vape device. Most importantly, pack your vaping device properly. 

Lastly, if you’ve been given the green light to travel with a vape on a plane, don’t vape while on-board. No matter how discreet your vape is, the vapor produced can still trigger alarms. 

Believe me, nothing ruins a vacation like stepping off a plane in cuffs.