The Definitive Guide to Vape CBD Oil

You can not vape true CBD oil. You have to consume that oil orally in teas or hold it under your tongue. So, when you hear the phrase “vaping CBD oil,” it refers to CBD e-juice or carts designed for use in e-cigarettes, other nicotine-based sauces, or even weed pens.

The caveat with weed pens specifically is that THC is packaged differently in the cartridge or tank. Vaping CBD products are functionally more similar to vaping nicotine.

What Device to Choose for CBD Vape Juice?

The number of options for smoking cannabidiol can be daunting. People who already use e-cigarettes or other vapes might already have opinions about what they like. However, someone who wants to start vaping CBD is best off starting with simple and less expensive CBD vape products until they figure out what they prefer.

Cartridges, disposables, and pods are the simplest option for vaping, including vaping CBD oil. They have a low starting cost, but because you have to replace them more frequently, they are less cost effective in the long run. A refillable vape pen is a more cost-effective option, but they are more complicated for beginners.

Not every vape is the same and which you should choose comes down to personal preference. 

Disposable CBD Vapes

Disposable vape pens or pre-filled vape tanks are the simplest way to vape CBD oil at a low cost and are the best for learning how to vape CBD oil. The pen looks like other e-cigarettes and has cannabidiol juice like CBD isolate. A built-in battery and coil power these devices. 

This option means no refilling and no replacements. They can also be an excellent option for traveling when you do not wish to bring a more expensive alternative along. However, depending on how much you vape, you can go through them quickly, and replacement costs add up.

Cannabidiol Oil Carts (Cartridges)

CBD oil cartridges are tiny tanks pre-filled with CBD vape oil or CBD distillate. CBD e-liquid carts are compatible with 510 thread batteries or similar pens for CBD vaping. Vapers who already use 510 batteries can easily switch between their cannabidiol carts and other cartridges.

Plus, given the low cost of 510 batteries, you can have multiple batteries with multiple types of CBD oils, plus nicotine, THC waxes, and products containing vegetable glycerin. Or, you can have multiple flavors of cannabidiol. 

To use a CBD oil cartridge, connect the cartridge to your 510 battery. 

Carts are also a simple option for CBD vaping and are relatively cheap. 

CBD Pods

Rather than the cylindrical cart, pods are compatible with a JUUL battery. This compatibility makes them a perfect option for vapers who want to vape CBD with the JUUL they already own.

To use a CBD pod, connect the pod to the battery of your device. 

They functionally work the same as other cannabidiol oil carts, the only difference being the battery they can use.

Refillable Vape Device

Typically, refillable CBD vape pens will contain a tube-style battery attached to a vape tank with a coil inside. Vapers who already have these pen-style vape devices will already be familiar with the mechanics, but even newcomers can become well acquainted with them with some time.

The benefits of these vapes include:

  • More flavor options
  • More vapor production
  • Cheaper cost over time
  • You can use your own CBD vape juice, including full-spectrum CBD oil

How Much CBD to Vape?

Finding the correct dosage depends on a few factors: namely your weight, how fast your body will metabolize the cannabidiol, and the type of condition you are managing with CBD.

Usually, it is best to start with one puff and only take a second puff if you do not feel the effects after five to ten minutes. Puffs should usually only be a few seconds long.

How to Use CBD Pen?

Disposables are draw-activated, so you will pull some of the CBD vapor into your mouth when you inhale. This draw is what makes them so easy to use. JUULs are also draw-activated, so there is no button to press. However, you don’t need to charge JUUL batteries.

Most vapes require you to hold down a button when you inhale. 

Some 510 batteries have different heat settings, and it is best to determine the correct temperature for your CBD vape juice. Sometimes, however, it comes down to personal preference.

To use a refillable CBD vape pen, fill the tank with vape juice every time it runs low. Refillable vapes also need their coils saturated for at least 10 minutes before use. 

How to Vape?

If you have never vaped before, the process is relatively simple. You can use three methods to consume CBD: mouth-to-lung, direct lung, or cigar-puffing.


  • Draw vapor into your mouth
  • Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds
  • Open your mouth and inhale the vapor into your lungs
  • Exhale

Direct Lung:

  • Inhale vapor directly into lungs
  • Exhale immediately

Cigar Puffing:

  • Pull vapor into your mouth
  • Hold for a few seconds
  • Exhale without inhaling into lungs


Is Vaping Safe?

While inhaling anything besides air into your lungs does open you up to potential lung problems, the way that CBD affects pain management may be worth it.

Also, many people may prefer ingesting CBD instead, which is fine, but you should know that inhaling CBD gets the CBD dosage to your bloodstream faster, and more CBD can work on you at once. 

You should also research brands to ensure you aren’t buying from a company that doesn’t use proper ingredients. With so many CBD brands, taking CBD oil could be dangerous, so many vapers research before purchasing. 

Oil CBD will most likely have propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), which are in everyday products like smoke machine vapor, food, makeup, and other items. Be aware that a vegetable glycerin allergy is possible, and propylene glycol allergies can occur.

Finally, ensure that your vape products do not use vitamin E acetate. Reports of hospitalizations of vape users emerged when this chemical was in CBD. 

Is Vaping CBD Better than Vaping Nicotine?

CBD causes fewer health problems than nicotine. Also, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in vape oils are safe. 

Is Vaping CBD Legal?

Vaping CBD is legal in the US, but if you are traveling, you should check with that country’s laws.

Why is Vaping CBD Popular?

Putting CBD in devices and consuming CBD have become popular because of their chronic pain relief effects. Also, when vaping, CBD reaches your bloodstream faster than consuming it. 

Dabbing and smoking hemp flower, which comes in cigarettes or loose hemp buds, has also increased in popularity. These products, including CBD, come from the cannabis plant.