How to Start Vaping? (A Beginner’s Guide)

Whether you’ve gone with vaping to quit smoking or are starting anew, this guide will teach you how to vape, how vape devices work, the types of devices and vape juices available, and how to choose the best one for you.

Most smokers know how challenging it can be to quit this habit. Making new year’s resolutions and chewing nic gum doesn’t work for many people. Yet, vaping is emerging as an effective way to give up smoking.

However, it’s not easy to quit smoking and start vaping. You need to figure out many things before you can begin life as a new vaper. Without thorough knowledge, you may waste money buying various tools that won’t be useful for you. Some may even go back to their pack of cigarettes, frustrated and overwhelmed.

New vapers need to learn about the various features of e-cigarettes, like vape tanks and vape kits. Furthermore, if you’ve just started vaping, you’ll need to choose the device and vape juice that is right for you. 

What is Vaping?

Vaping involves inhaling vapor produced by a vaping device such as an electric cigarette or a more advanced vape kit. These devices heat a liquid (vape juice) to create vapor, and users inhale the aerosol in their lungs. 

How Do Vape Devices Work?

Vape devices differ in size and shape, but the essential components are the same whether you buy disposable electronic cigarettes or high-tech vape kits. A vape device, like an e-cig, is usually made of plastic or metal and is composed of five parts: a power source, cartridge, atomizer, mouthpiece, and sensor.

The power source is generally an actual battery you can recharge with a USB cord. However, some vape devices come with a removable battery.

The cartridge is the part that contains the vape juice. The cartridge is generally transparent so that you can see the amount of liquid left in the tank, and the size of it may vary depending on the device.

The atomizer is the heating element that heats the vape juice to create an aerosol. Above that is the mouthpiece or drip tip, which is an open tube that allows the vapor to come out of the system. You place your mouth on the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke.

The earlier generation e-cigs and vape devices came with a power button to activate the device. However, modern vape devices usually come with an in-built sensor. So, the sensor sends a signal whenever you take a drag, which actives the device.

Types of Vape Devices

Since their introduction in the early 2000s, vape devices have evolved over the years. Before you start vaping, you need to know the types of devices available in the market.

Understanding different devices and vape kits will help you make an informed decision when choosing your first vape. Vaping devices fall into four broad categories: e-cigarette, vape pen, box mod, and pod mod.

1. E-Cigarettes

These are the first-generation vaping devices that look like traditional cigs. An e-cig imitates the smoking experience of regular cigarettes to enable a smoother transition from smoking to vaping. These are small, user-friendly, and easy to carry around, which is why they are best to use when you start vaping.

There are two different types of e-cigarette kits: disposable and refillable. Disposable e-cigarettes come with pre-filled e-liquid cartridges. Once the liquid is exhausted, you need to replace the cartridge. With refillable e-cigs, you have the option of refilling the cartridge with your preferred e-liquid.

2. Vape Pens

Vape pens came about in around 2005 as a modified version of e-cigarettes. They are compact, cylindrical devices that come in various styles.

Vape pens have increased battery life and more power and thus provide an enhanced vaping experience. Some pens even come with customizable airflow and wattage settings.

3. Box Mods

A box mod, also known as an “advanced personal vaporizer,” is a vaping device with various customizable settings. For example, you can control the temperature and wattage for a more personalized experience. With box mods, you can also create huge vapors and experiment with various settings.

Modern box mods are pretty simple to use compared to their predecessors. However, if you are just starting your journey, a box mod may not be the best option for you.

4. Pod Mods

Pod mods are the latest addition to the vaping market. They are small, portable devices with a battery and a detachable pod. The vape pods can be either pre-filled or refillable.

However, this device uses low wattage and thus does not create heavy vapors. If you are wondering how to start vaping, pod mods may be your best bet.

Types of E-Liquids

The e-liquid in vape devices has a vital role in providing a satisfactory vaping experience. Each e-liquid has four components: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring agent, and nicotine. You can also find nicotine-free options.

If you are pondering how to start your vaping journey, you need to know the different types of e-liquids. Also, when getting started, many vapers like to try out different e-liquid flavors to figure out which helps them enjoy vaping the best. 

Propylene Glycol-Based Liquids

PG-based e-liquids are more suitable for those interested in smoking cessation. Furthermore, they are vaped at a lower temperature and can give you a better nicotine hit. People usually use these liquids with mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices, such as pod mods and electronic cigs.

PG is a thinner liquid and carries more flavor than VG does while also giving you a good throat hit. However, it doesn’t create much vapor, but you’ll enjoy this if you want to vape discreetly.

VG-Based Liquids

VG-based vape juices are more suitable for direct-to-lung devices. Here, you inhale the vapor directly into the lung without holding it in your mouth. VG-based e-liquids create more smoke with various flavors.

50/50 Liquids

50/50 e-liquids combine both PG and VG equally, and you can use them in both MTL and DTL vaping devices. 

Typically, you can see the PG/VG ratio on the label of the e-juice.

How to Vape Properly?

The inhalation technique depends on the type of vape you use. 

While using an MTL device, draw the vapor into your mouth and hold it for a few seconds before taking the smoke into your lungs. After it is in your lung, exhale.

You do the MTL method the same way you would smoke a cigarette, so many people use this tactic to stop smoking.

The technique to inhale the vapor is slightly different when using a DTL vape device. Since you do not hold the vapor in your mouth, you need to start vaping straight into your lungs and immediately exhale from your electronic cigarette or other mod.

Using the wrong inhalation technique may cause coughing, an unexpected throat-hit, and, overall, an unpleasant experience.

How to Choose a Vaping Starter Kit?

Choosing your first vaping kit can be a daunting experience, but it’s easy if you take it one step at a time. 

You’ll first need to decide on a device that will suit your needs.

As mentioned earlier, if you are a beginner, choose something simple and intuitive like a pod system or vape pen. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on from starter kits and try out other devices.

The next step is to decide on a liquid. If you are used to tobacco cigarettes, you should start with an e-liquid that contains nicotine. E-liquids contain different types of this chemical with different strengths. You should also know that nicotine will give you a slightly bitter taste.

If you are a heavy smoker, you will probably need to start with a vape juice with a higher nic level. You can reduce the nicotine strength gradually to get rid of dependence, similar to smoking fewer cigarettes a day.

If you are not a smoker and want to start vaping, it is advisable to choose a nicotine-free liquid. Nicotine is addictive, no matter how you consume it. So, if you do not already have this habit, you shouldn’t develop it. Many flavorful nic-free liquids are available that will provide you with a fantastic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions – Vaping for Beginners

Why is vaping better than cigarettes?

Traditional cigarettes contain many toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide. When you light a regular cigarette, these chemicals produce poisonous gases that go straight to your lungs. 

Vapes are much safer. In fact, Public Health England has stated that vaping is much healthier than smoking cigarettes. 

However, the harmful effects of vapes are still under research, and studies on the impacts of non-nicotine components are underway. But, overall, there is a common consensus that vapes are less toxic for your body.

Is vaping legal in the USA?

Yes, vaping is legal in the USA. However, you must be 21 years or older. 

Are vape devices allowed on airplanes?

Yes, you can carry your devices on a plane. However, you cannot vape while on board. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines require you to pack the device in your carry-on luggage, not inside checked-in baggage.

How much nicotine should I use?

E-juices range from nic-free to up to 50mg/ml. Finding the best amount for you can take some trial and error, but typically you’ll want a higher dosage if you smoke many cigarettes a day. If you do not, then too much nicotine could make you feel ill. 

Eventually, most vapers find the nicotine levels right for them by trying different amounts. 


Overall, making the switch to vaping is much better for you than smoking cigarettes. Although vapes have side effects, they are not as harmful as smoking. 

There are a variety of devices and liquid options available to you to choose from as a beginner. You just need to do research and try a couple out to pick the right one for you.