Can I Bring Vape to Japan?

No, Japanese law prohibits vaping. You cannot smoke nicotine in Japan either. However, non-nicotine e-liquids are allowed in Japan. 

Non-nicotine e-liquids are primarily about the flavor of the smoke, not about the hit in the throat or the response from vaping with nicotine. 

Even though you cannot legally purchase tobacco in Japan, you can bring small bottles of up to 120 ml of your own e-juice for personal use. So, there is a loophole to having vapes in Japan.

Japan considers vaping devices a medical device. So, you can legally have liquid if it’s registered as a medicinal product. You can have e-cigarettes as well, but you must also register them as medical products. 

The limit of e-juice is 120 ml because it is the typical amount a person would use if they were medically prescribed an e-cigarette for one month. However, zero-nicotine vapes are legal in any amount. 

Designated Electronic Cigarette Areas In Japan

Vaping goes under the same laws as smoking in Japan, and regulations state that people who wish to vape must only do so in designated smoking areas.

“Walking while smoking” in Japan is also illegal and will result in a fine. So, think again before using your vape because the police are strict about this law, and smokers will end up paying an aggressive fine.

Vaping has yet to be socially accepted by Japanese people, so you may get strange looks if you decide to smoke in public. Vaping is slightly new in Japan, and, in time, it may grow to be a social norm. 

You should only vape in designated sections. There is an app that can help get rid of the issue of finding areas to smoke called the Smoking Area Information Map.

This app allows users to pin locations they used as vaping sections. Everyone can contribute to the app. Therefore, as the app grows, more sites will appear on the app.

It is hard to find smoking areas in Japan because, as of April 2020, you cannot smoke in bars and restaurants in Japan. Some bars and restaurants still allow it, but most do not. It is essential to be discreet in these public situations so avoid making big clouds.   

Vape Shops in Japan

In some areas, you can find a rare vape shop. These are mainly in Shibuya and Shinjuku. Here is a small list to choose from to find your juice: 

These shops offer a variety of tobacco and liquids and are your best bet at finding what you want. Be aware that vape shops in Japan are significantly more expensive than in the US.  

Can I Bring A Vape On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring a vape on an aircraft, but you have to keep it in your carry-on luggage because airlines prefer this over checked baggage.

You also cannot use your vape device on the plane or charge the battery. Charging the battery can be dangerous on an airplane, and you can not have lithium batteries at all. Lithium can overheat and explode, potentially causing a fire mid-flight.

Check the airline’s guidelines before arriving at the airport to ensure a safe flight. For instance, some airlines require you to have a separate case to store your batteries on a flight.

Even though you can bring 120 ml of your own nicotine e-liquid to Japan, the airlines only allow 100 ml in your carry-on luggage.

Also, be aware of transferring flights when traveling to Japan. Some airlines have different restrictions, and you could end up having a bad travel day if you do not check the rules for all airlines involved in your journey. 

Tips For Traveling With A Vaping Appliance

  • Only travel with your e-cig in carry-on baggage. Vapes are not allowed in checked luggage.
  • Do not travel with a full tank because the e-juice can spill and create a mess if the tank is too full. 
  • Lithium batteries are not allowed on an airplane. Lithium can overheat and potentially cause a fire. 
  • Do not charge your vape on the airplane. Charging your device is extremely dangerous to the plane and its passengers. 
  • Pack your e-juice and vape battery in a case to keep the e-juice from leaking on your possessions. Due to changes in pressure, it is common for the juice to leak. Vape cases are cheap to buy and keep your supplies together and safely packaged.
  • Read the TSA website and check the airline’s regulations before packing for your trip and arriving at the airport.
  • Double-check your bag to make sure you have followed all rules applied to vaping. 

Other Countries That Do Not Allow Vaping

Multiple countries are deciding whether vapes should be legal in their countries. Vaping is popular in the United States and some European countries. However, there are a few countries that have banned vapes officially. Here is the list: 

  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
  • India
  • Singapore


Electronic cigarettes are not legal in Japan, but you can bring 120 ml of your own e-juice into the country. You can also bring your e-cigs to smoke it as long as you get them classified as medical devices. 

Japan considers vaping and nicotine the same thing, and you are only allowed to smoke in designated areas.

However, you can have zero-nicotine vapes, but they are only smoked for flavor, not for a buzz or other vaping effects. 

Finally, be careful when traveling with your device, and make sure you read the airlines’ regulations before boarding your flight with juice. You don’t want to end up waiting in customs.