Vuse Solo Review: Should you buy this?

Vuse is an e-cigarette that has been in the market for a long time. Whenever you want a vaping device, you have to know as much as possible there is to know about it. Founded in 2012 by RJ Reynolds Vapor in North Carolina, it is a device that has gained popularity among many vapors over time.

Vuse Solo is designed uniquely to offer users a nice and attractive device to use. It is meant to make it a secure device when compared to other e-cigarettes.

Vuse Solo is a vaping device designed and manufactured by a tobacco company. Many features that make this device will be discussed in this review.

Design and Look

Design and look are the first things that you come across when you are looking for a good product. By just looking at a product, you will get that first impression to like it or not.

The design Vuse Solo is unmistakenly unique when compared to other e-cigarettes. It is designed to offer you the real cigarette feel whenever you are looking at it, holding or using it. It is designed in a cylindrical shape that resembles a standard cigarette. It has a body of almost the same size as a regular cigarette.

Vuse is crafted in a beautiful, shiny stainless metal material. It is among very few vape devices you will find with this type of material. The stainless metal material gives it a sturdy and high-quality look. Other than that, when you hold the Vuse, you will feel the clear finish and comfort at any time.

Towards the end, you have a battery that is very well matched to a black flavor cartridge. The two are made to blend very well without any difference to be noticed. It is also fitted with aa while LED light just next to the cartridge that lights whenever you are using it.

The excellent engineering work on this e-cig makes it durable.


An e-cigarette is never enough without the right flavor. Many vapers will only enjoy using a vape device if it can offer the best flavors and in the proper manner. With Vuse, you will find several flavor cartridges available in the market. There are up to 8 different flavors to use on Vuse.

Some of the flavors available include:

  • Berry – A mixture of blended vibrant berry flowers
  • Mint – Made of flesh, cool mint flavor with tobacco undertone
  • Original – Contains classic tobacco
  • Crema – It is made of creamy, smooth flavors with toasted and light notes
  • Nectar – Made of a soft blend of summer fruit and silky flavors
  • Menthol – you get the real Vuse’s signature on menthol flavor
  • Melon – Cool and refreshing melon flavor

The Vuse cartridges are available with a capacity of 4.8% nicotine which is 48mg/ml. 

Vuse Battery

For any digital cigarette, the battery is a crucial party. A battery will dictate how long you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping without worrying about power. In this case, Vuse has an excellent battery to make sure that their users are not worried.

To ensure ease of use and the feel of using a real cigarette the device is fitted with a small battery. The battery is of high-quality made to offer Vuse users long hours of vaping without charging. Some light users have reported having enjoyed 8 hours of vaping without having to recharge.

Vuse Solo Kit

The Vuse company has invested in offering their customers the best e-cigarette in the market. When you buy the device, you will get a fantastic kit that is meant to boost your feeling when using it.

The device comes in a stunning starter kit. You can quickly get the basic kit at $11, which is affordable. The kit comes with a battery, a USB charger, a Vuse Solo vape cigarette, and a flavor cartridge.

Vaping Experience with Vuse

The vaping of any e-cigarette is crucial to any vape lover. Whenever you go out there looking for a vape device you have to make sure that it offers you the best experience. Vuse provides its users with an experience that is similar to smoking a cigarette. The main reason being that it has a weight that is so close to that of a standard cigarette.

Whenever you are drawing from the Vuse Solo, the feeling smooth close to that of a standard cigarette. You are in a position to pull the vapor to your lungs through your mouth and out again.

In cases where you are a heavy smoker, you do not have to worry. The device has a strong hit on your throat that resembles standard cigarettes only that you will not be consuming any ash fumes as compared to a regular cigarette. This leaves you feeling fresh no matter where you are.

RJ Vapor Smart Technology

Vuse comes with smart technology that is designed to improve safety and comfort when vaping. It has a mechanism for continuously monitoring of heat hence adjusting power where necessary. It is a feature that also ensures proper vapor temperature for a fantastic experience.

Best Features

  • Lightweight body compared to other e-cigarettes
  • Made of stainless metal material
  • LED lighting whenever in use
  • Has a smart technology for heat and temperature control


  • Offers an amazing flavor
  • It is very easy to use even for starters
  • Has a strong throat hit
  • Good battery life


  • Battery malfunctioning problems

Final Take

Based on the features above, there is so much to learn about Vuse Solo. When compared to other types of e-cigarettes, there are many unique and better features. The device is created in a solid material that can offer its, users, a lasting service. Many people tend to be satisfied by a vape device that has a close resemblance to a standard cigarette, and this is what Vuse is offering.

Vuse Solo is a device that many vapers can comfortably carry and use. It has a small body that is easy to fit in your pocket or carry on your hand. It is worth trying.