Vaporesso Cascade Review: Best Cloud Chasing Sub-Ohm Tank?

Are you planning to buy the Vaporesso Cascade cloud chasing tank?

Have you researched about the features of this e-tank?

It is very important for you to know everything about this tank before you buy it.

Knowledge about the tank before buying it would help you be content with the kind of tank you buy, instead of buying and regretting later that you don’t like the features the tank presents to you.

It may take you a lot of time to start researching about this tank; that is why I have prepared a comprehensive review of the Vaporesso Cascade tank.

This review will help you to know all the good and bad things about the tank. 

Review Summary: Vaporesso Cascade Tank

The Vaporesso cascade is an infusion of the technical features and design prowess in a single device. Compared to other top tanks, the Vaporesso Cascade is an exciting cloud chasing tank known among many users as the ‘beast of the clouds’.

The name Vaporesso Cascade is one to reckon with in the vaping industry; however, it comes with some downsides that are worth considering when buying it. Before we look at the downsides, let’s first open the box and check the specs. 

The overall ratings of the core factors of this tank are as follows:

  • Design______9.6
  • Build quality__9.7
  • Coils_______9.7
  • Performance__9.7
  • Flavor______9.7

Vaporesso Cascade Sub-Ohm Tank – A Quick Look

  • The tank has an extremely large e-juice capacity that can keep you vaping for long without refilling
  • There is a 2ml tank capacity option for people who prefer smaller tanks
  • It has a sliding top fill system
  • It has a great built quality 
  • Both coils offer an amazing quality of flavor 
  • The appearance of the tank is very appealing
  • It has triangular airflow, which adds to its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal
  • The isolation structure is effective 
  • It is slightly expensive than other tanks
  • Too big for some people
  • The threading at the base isn’t done well; it looks thin and crunchy.


  • Has a tank capacity of 7ml 
  • Its overall weight without juice inside is 81g
  • Can be comfortably vaped between 25-200W
  • Has a unique slide ‘n’ fill system 
  • Has four color options i.e. black, blue, silver, and rainbow finish
  • Three adjustable airflow holes

What is in the box?

An ideal package from the manufacturer include the following:

  • 1 sub-ohm tank
  • GT coil adapter 
  • A pre-installed coil 
  • An extra coil
  • 1 bag of O-Rings
  • A replacement glass tube

From a review perspective, the package content is enough for any user. The presence of an installed coil and an extra one already makes it play in the big league of tanks with two optional coils for different vaping experiences. 

Unique Features

Vaporesso Cascade is by no chance a normal tank; it beats many other tanks in different aspects. It has reliable features that would make you fall in love with it. However, you need to be aware that some of these features may also be unpleasing to you, thus, the need to know them in depth and make a decision of whether they please you or not.

We will look at different features covering the design & quality and performance of the tank.

Design and quality 

First of all, you must recognize the fact that this tank has been built with a solid design that makes it one of the most long-lasting tanks that you can get in the market. 

The first look

The appearance of the tank is magnificent; it has a number of curves and indents that enhance its beauty. These exterior interchangeable parts are among the things that set this tank apart from the rest. The primary material used in its manufacture is stainless steel, which also adds to its aesthetic appeal. 

There are four color options as mentioned in the specs, which is a thing that many people still say that is quite limiting as they could have been more fancy colors to capture the clientele that wants fancy and not just elegant. However, if you like elegance, then the black, blue, silver, and rainbow finish color options would just be enough for you. 


When looking at this feature, the Vaporesso might not score well as it is not one of the most popular tanks in the market. With a 7ml tank capacity, you definitely can’t expect to enjoy the level of portability that other smaller tanks enjoy. If you want smaller tanks that you can walk around while in your pocket, then you must let go of this large tank; however, if you enjoy walking with large tanks, then you can go ahead and make a purchase based on this review factor.

Luckily, there is an option of a much smaller tank with a 2ml capacity, which might also serve you well, but this review is for the large 7ml tank. 


Without a doubt, you can count on this tank to last for long for it is made of stainless steel, which is durable. Apart from the use of stainless steel, the manufacturer was also keen on the workmanship of this tank to produce a good-looking and solid tank that cannot disintegrate easily. 

Coils and performance 


The Vaporesso Cascade gives you two GT series coil heads, which are a sure guarantee of great performance. The GT coil heads might have worked to increase the price of the tank, but its versatility and performance make it of great value to users.


The flavor is just amazing as it gives users some of the best vaping moments. At about 120W, you can get the best-optimized flavor when using this the GTM-8 0.15ohm coil head. This coil head allows you to get up to 200W. It is simply amazing for vapor production. 

You can also use the 0.4ohm coil head within the range of 40-80W and get some good flavor as well as amazing clouds. 

Isolation structure 

It has a hidden section that is important in keeping your coils juiced fully. This is a truly unique feature of the Cascade as it is not found in other tanks. 


The Vaporesso Cascade tank combines well its large size and great coil performance to seize the market of hardcore vapers who want to enjoy their vaping experience without refill interruptions. If you are one of these vapers, or you want to join this big league, you can consider this large cloud chasing tank. If you can afford it, go for it; the experience won’t disappoint you.