Uwell Crown 3 Tank Review

Uwell Crown sub-ohm vape tanks have come up with yet another version, the Uwell Crown 3. This new release has a bigger e-juice compared to the Crown 1 and Crown 2, holding up to 5ml of e-juice. Its build is durable, made with strong stainless steel material and quartz glass just like most other vape tanks. The airflow is fully adjustable, coming with 3 slots along the bottom ring giving you more control which lets you tune your sub ohming according to your preference.

Unboxing the Uwell Crown 3

The Uwell Crown 3 sub-ohm tank is packaged in a transparent plastic case that allows you a clear view of the contents. There is a list of everything included in the case and their specs on the back. The packaging is particularly interesting because it is sealed very well and provides you with untampered contents.

Contained in the case are the following:

  • One Uwell Crown 3 sub-ohm vape tank
  • One 0.25ohm pre-installed parallel build
  • One 0.5ohm parallel build
  • Set of O-rings for replacement
  • Spare glass tank
  • Crown 3 key
  • Cover for the drip tip
  • One user manual


  • 24.5mm (0.96 inches) tank diameter
  • 5ml e-juice well capacity
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Glass tank is made of quarts
  • Coils are with no threads
  • 0.25ohm parallel coil has 80 – 90W rating
  • 0.5ohm parallel coil has 70 – 80W rating
  • 510 connection

Beginner Guide for Uwell Crown 3

After unboxing the Uwell Crown 3, you’ll have to unscrew the base and take out the coil so you can put it in order before use. After removing the coil, make sure to drop a little quantity of e-juice into the coil head before inserting it back to get the cotton juiced up a bit and prevent burning.

It’s easy to take the coil out but the top section is a little bit more technical. If you miss taking out the screw, you will have a bit of a problem taking it apart. The crown-shaped key that comes with the package is useful here to unscrew the bolt that keeps the fill port and chimney together.  You can use this tank without the bolt. Not sure why it was included anyway. Maybe it is to ensure maximum sturdiness but the inclusion of the bolt makes things more complicated. Vaping without the bolt causes a more airy draw, making it less enjoyable. There are other ways to remedy this than with the use of the bolt.

After you take apart the top section and hopefully not breaking anything, you should properly rinse the parts to ensure they are clean and free from any leftovers from the factory. Then you can assemble everything back together easily.

Fill your tank through the ports with e-juice and allow for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes so that the coil head can soak up the juice and then you can vape properly.


The Uwell Crown 3 is at the top of its game in terms of cloud production and intense flavour. As a sub-ohm tank, it does what it says it will, and it does it well. The flavour is most satisfying. You can even feel the taste of the flavours as you vape the juice. That’s how good the Crown 3 is. It ranks high in terms of vapour and flavour production.

There are two coils of different resistances for you to choose from and vape with.

0.25ohm coil: At 80W the flavour is good, but for an intense flavour and thick clouds, you should crank it up to 90W. You can go higher but do not overdo it as the clouds and vapour will get stronger.

0.5ohm coil: At 70W, the flavour was pretty impressive, but the cloud isn’t that great. Going up to 80W made things more interesting and you can go higher up to 90. You will get an intense flavour and good clouds from it.

The large tank size is commendable. It takes you through the day without having to refill as compared to some others and even its predecessors. The inconveniences of constant refills isn’t a thing to worry about and knowing this gives you peace of mind.


There are colour options to choose from and they all come with colour drip tips that form perfect pairs. Thanks to the awesome machine work and painting, they are all stunning colours and drip tips that are appealing.

The Uwell Crown 3 is made from stainless steel and quartz glass materials. It has a length of 62.7mm and a diameter of 24.5mm. The tank holds 5ml liquid and is enough to take you through the day. The Crown 3 has a 510 removable drip tip that sits in the top cap of the tank due to the O-rings present. The top cap covers the fill ports and can be removed to have access to the ports of filling. It has fine engravings of “Uwell Crown III” on it.

For the glass, Uwell made use of quartz and not Pyrex as is commonly used and although some prefer quartz, the difference isn’t readily clear. The inner chimney accommodates the new design of the Crown 3 coil heads. It has a marking for minimum level, so you can see when it is time for a refill. The base has three adjustable airflow slots, and adjustments are made with a large metal ring.

Generally, the work done is worthy of applause. The threading is smooth, the airflow has superb control and after taking the parts apart, they fit perfectly when you try to resemble them again.


  • Properly designed tank
  • Great finishing touch
  • Great flavour
  • Thick clouds
  • Large tank capacity
  • Leak-free to a good extent
  • Good control of airflow
  • Coils can be easily swapped
  • Top-fill


  • Fill ports are a little narrow
  • Taking out the parts can be a little difficult
  • Not completely leakproof


This product from Uwell is decent enough and does what it promises to. It will fulfil your desire for cloud production and has excellent flavour. You can vape for long as you want without having to refill. This is a huge plus and added comfort. If you desire a sub-ohm vape tank that gives a great performance, the Uwell Crown 3 vape tank is a great choice.