Suorin Drop vs JUUL: Which One is Better?

Whether you’re a vaping aficionado or a newcomer to the vaping game, Juul and Suorin are two popular names in vaping pod mods. With pod mods gaining massive popularity in recent times, the market has seen an increase in innovative vaping pod systems. Unfortunately, many of these pod systems are junks and even unsafe. For quality vaping pod mods, Juul and Suorin have dominated the market for some time. 

Although Juul is the more popular vaping pod system, Suorin has seen an increase in popularity recently, and the two pods are the top vaping options on the market. It is, therefore, not a shock about the debate on which pod system is the better choice. This article will try to break down details on both pod systems with detailed overviews similarities and differences to give vapers a good idea of what to expect from both pods.

Review Summary: Juul vs Suorin Drop

Juul is an e-cigarette brand with a sleek thumb drive design that delivers a heavy hit. Juul features no triggers and vapers only need to put it in their mouth to inhale every last drop of vaping goodness. Juul carved a name for itself with its innovative design and the use of salt nicotine vaping juice in its pods. Salt nicotine juice gives vapers a stronger hit that feels more like smoking normal cigarettes. Juul is the San Francisco e-cigarette company behind this vaping pod.

Suorin Drop is one of the popular products from the Suorin brand. Sourin is a relatively new e-cigarette brand although, it has quickly found its feet among other top brands on the market. Suorin Drop has a water-drop shape with vaping pods that are refillable. As you would expect from a pod mod, Suorin drop is portable and comes with LiPo batteries that provide a decent amount of vaping time for your vaping pleasure. Foxconn produces Suorin and they make other products like Suorin Air and Suorin iShare Singles.

Similarities Between Juul and Suorin Drop

They are Pod Mods

As earlier stated, Juul and Suorin Drop are portable vaporizers called pod mods. They are specially made and highly suitable for people who are new to vaping. 


One of the biggest merits Juul and Suorin Drop pod system share is their portability. While Juul has a thumb drive shape, Suorin Drop looks like a water drop. They are both lightweight and easily fit into your pockets.

Firing Mechanism

 Juul and Suorin Drop both feature similar firing mechanisms. All you need do to enjoy an exciting vapor rush is to take a drag and watch on as it fires automatically. This firing mechanism is draw-activated. It is a step away from conventional vaporizers where you need to press a button to start your vaping experience.

Easily Concealed

Imagine being able to take your vaporizer wherever you go without undue attention. Juul and Suorin Drop pod mods fit well into bags and pockets. They are both so expertly designed that it will take a veteran vaper to tell that you’re carrying a vaporizer.

Nicotine Salt

Juul and Suorin Drop pod mods both accommodate nicotine salt vaping juice. A Juul vape comes with its already filled nicotine salt juice while Suorin Drop pods are refillable.

Differences Between Juul and Suorin Drop

Pod Systems

Juul and Suorin Drop both feature different pod systems. While Juuls feature a closed pod system, Suorin Drop features an open pod system. Juul’s closed pod system comes with an already filled pod that allows for a one time use while Suorin Drop open system pods allow users to refill pods on their own. For different people, this pod system means different things. Some vapers argue that Juul keeps quality control a priority by restricting vapers from filling pods themselves while others argue Suorin Drop’s open pod system offers more by giving vapers creative control over their vaping pods.


Juul offers vapers portability but that has come at a price. It’s slim sized pods are not as comfy as you would expect. It features sharp edges that might spoil the fun for vapers. In contrast, Suorin Drop is extremely comfy with a smooth mouthpiece that gives vapers an enjoyable experience. Vapers will have to decide if they value Juul’s excellent portability over Suorin Drop’s comfort.


 The cost of both vaping pods is one of the strong factors that help swing user’s choice. Suorin Drop is cheaper than Juul, this is because of its open system pod that allows for several refills. Vapers can enjoy their Suorin Drop pods for up to 6 refills. Meanwhile, you’re only allowed one fill with Juul which means you need to get another pod mod once your Juul pod is out of vaping juice. For vapers who are on a budget, Suorin Drop pods are a brilliant option.

Flavor Options

Unfortunately for Juul lovers, their closed vaping system only allows for a few nicotine salt flavors. In contrast, Suorin Drop fans enjoy the luxury of several nicotine salt flavors to enhance their vaping experience. For vapers who love to experiment and mix up e-liquids, Suorin Drop is the obvious choice. Juul pod fans can, however, argue that closed system means Juul’s quality is never compromised, unlike Suorin pods that can have almost any kind of flavor with the risk of some of those flavors being unsafe for vaping.

Final Verdict

Juul and Suorin Drop are both excellent vaping pod mods that offer vapers with a portable vaporizer to take with them wherever they go. Juul is obviously the more popular brand with many nicknaming it the iPhone of vapes. For all of Juul’s popularity, it doesn’t offer a better value for money than Suorin Drop pods. The drop pod by Suorin is more comfortable, provides more flavors and is a cheaper alternative to Juul. With all that information in mind, it is safe to say that Suorin Drop is the better vaping pod mod.