Suorin Air V1 Vs V2: What’s The Difference?

The Suorin Air is one of the leading vapes in the market today due to its very appealing features.

However, very little is known about the two variants of the Suorin Air and users can hardly even distinguish between the two products.

Suorin released a second version of the air and for some reason, didn’t brand it as a version 2, hence the confusion.

Some vapers do not even know which version they have, and others don’t even know if they got the version they ordered for. 

I am pleased to inform you that after careful appraisal of both devices, there are few differences and you will get to find out which version you own, its features and if you need an upgrade in case you possess version 1.

Specifications and Features of Suorin Air V1 and V2

The specifications and features of both devices are basically the same and that is the reason why it is difficult for you to tell one version from another. The only difference you will notice by handling both devices is the weight difference of 1.2 grams. Also in terms of function, the Suorin Air V2 is said to be temperature controlled but is it really? 

The specifications of the devices are as follows:

  • Small size measuring 88 mm x 45 mm x 8 mm
  • Weighing 36 g
  • Has a battery capacity of 400mAh
  • E-juice pod capacity of 2mL
  • Coil resistance of 1.2Ω
  • Magnetic / press-fit connection available
  • Activated by taking a draw
  • Battery life indicator utilizes LED lights
  • USB charging

Kit Contents

Each Suorin Air kits contain the following items:

  • One Suorin Air vape
  • One e-juice pod
  • One warning card
  • One user manual
  • One USB charging cable

Suorin Air V1 and V2 Packaging

The immediate cause of the confusion between the two versions of the Suorin Air is the similarity in packaging. There isn’t any difference or branding that shows that one is different from the other. The only way you can tell one from the other is by opening the box and having the right information on the differences between the two. Even with the information on the differences, you do not have the luxury of inspection before purchase if you are buying it online, so Suorin should try and label them accordingly. 

Physical Differences between the V1 and V2

The physical differences are split into those seen on the cartridges and those seen on the batteries.

Differences, as seen on the cartridges, are:

  • V1 makes use of a black rubber plug, while V2 makes use of a red rubber plug
  • V1’s coil housing is opaque and doesn’t allow you to see through. But with V2’s coil housing, you can see through.
  • V2 has plastic tabs that help lock the battery in more firmly than in the V1.

Differences, as seen on the batteries, are:

  • The label on the back of V1 states that it is manufactured by Foxconn, and designed by Goldreams technology.
  • At the back of V2, the label states that its design is by BlueMark technology and the assembling was in China.

Other than these, there are no readily appreciable differences between both versions of Suorin Air. They still retain the same operations like filling of the cartridges in the same manner by removing the rubber plugs and squeezing the juice into the cartridge. Fixing both batteries takes place in the same manner, but the V2 pods don’t align evenly with the batteries as in V1.


Draw: the Suorin Air V2 doesn’t give an airy draw as compared to the V1. The V1 gives a good enough draw that sits in between an MTL and a DL vaping. The V2, however, provides you with a tight draw and is good enough for MTL vaping.

Most vapers complain of the draws of their devices being too tight. There is a simple hack to overcome this problem and get a more airy draw. There is a plastic plate that sits right above the chimney. All you have to do is make use of a screwdriver or your fingernails (if you have long enough nails) and lift the plastic up. Doing this will give you good enough airy draws and is applicable to both versions.

The Taste and Vapor: the vapor production on both versions is good. They are good for producing thick enough clouds and you will be satisfied with this. The flavor of the V1, however, is not so good though, due to the recurrent dry hits you experience as you vape.

Leaks: both devices have shown a fair amount of leaks when used. The problem wasn’t rectified in the V2 and continues. A major concern about these leaks is the fact that after a while, the exposure of the liquid to the battery will have a harmful effect on it.

Dry Hits: the original Suorin Air produces constant dry and burnt hits. This diminishes the flavor and affects your experience negatively. There are hacks to try and alleviate this problem though. Version 2 offers better non-dry hits as compared to the original, allowing you to have a more enjoyable vape when you feel the need to.

Does The Suorin Air V2 Regulate Temperature?

The Suorin V2 is marketed with the promise of having temperature control. Temperature control should have an overall performance of no more burnt coils and dry hits. This would have to be done with materials and electronics different from the V1, implying that the V1 and V2 units should have been incompatible with one another. But they both are and it has led to the deduction that both versions are the same but with only a few adjustments.

Even though the hits of the V2 are more consistent than the V1, the hits are not superb either and near dry hits can still be felt.


Suorin probably is trying to phase out the V1 with a better V2, but until it is no more in circulation and off the market, it would have been nice to brand both versions differently to aid consumers to make the right choices. The upgrades on the V1 as seen in the V2 are minimal but make for an even better vaping experience so depending on your preferences, you could maintain your original, or get the new one as the V2 promises better hits and flavors.