Smok Novo Review: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Smok has slowly but steadily gained popularity among vapers and is now one of the leading manufacturers of vaping devices in the world. The successful, stylish, and compact designs of Smok generated a dedicated and loyal fanbase who swear by the brand. 

While the only complaint that vapers seem to have is the battery life of Smok devices, it looks like the company has heard them and launched a device that is power-packed with strong battery life to go with all the great features of a vape. 

Novo from Smok is impressing vapers with its performance and stylish design. 

If you are new to vaping and are looking for a starter kit or if you are a vaper who is looking to switch, this article will help you as it details every aspect that Smok Novo has to offer.

Smok Novo — All You Need to Know

Color Options

The Smok Novo kit comes in 8 colors, all with Prism Chrome and Cobra print.

  1. Black Cobra
  2. Red Cobra 
  3. White Cobra 
  4. Prism Rainbow Cobra
  5. Green Cobra
  6. Prism Blue Cobra
  7. Royal Blue Cobra 
  8. Auto Pink Cobra

All pieces have a back and front cobra cover and feature plated material on the sides. This combination makes Novo one of the most stylish and exquisite vaping devices on the market. 


As always, Smok released this product in two editions:

  1. Standard Edition
  2. EU Edition

Unlike every other Smok kit before this—where the EU edition was released with 5ml pods and the Standard edition with 2ml pods—Smok opted to go with 2ml pods for both Novo’s editions. 

This might be a disappointment to those who were used to the 5ml pods. Of course, neither of these vape pods are prefilled with e-liquid. 


The kit is pretty standard and both the editions include the same contents:

  • 1 Novo Device
  • 2 Pods of 2 ml (no e-liquid)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 User Manual

By offering two pods, Smok gains an advantage in the market since most of the companies offer just one. Also, the experience of unboxing is pleasant and visually delightful. 

Build Quality

Unlike its competitors, Smok Novo is a well-built product and doesn’t feel cheap. The impressive performance reasserts the quality components used to build this vaping device. 

The only concern is that there is no protective membrane that covers the airhole. Since there seems to be no leakage however, this lag is hardly a dealbreaker. 


Smok proudly markets Novo as an ergonomically designed mouthpiece and they aren’t exaggerating. It fits your mouth perfectly without feeling awkward and is very convenient for vaping. 

The Cobra pattern design also fits perfectly with the classy body. However, this design is not fingerprint-proof and you have to constantly wipe it. 

The device measures 88.3mm in height, 24.3mm in length, and 14.3mm in width, making it very compact and portable. Like the tiny Juuls, you can carry it even in the smallest of pockets like a lighter or a pen. 

As expected for the price range of Novo, it doesn’t have any display and has no buttons either. The only things you see are a LED indicator and a micro USB port. 

Overall, the design is very stylish and makes a statement.  

Battery Life

Novo comes with a 450mAh battery and does more than what I expected. It can be fully charged in an hour and the LED neatly changes from red to white upon once it’s full. 

One downside is that the USB cable provided is pretty short and based on your need, you might want to get a longer cable. 

Contrary to the device size, the Novo’s battery manages to offer decent vaping time. A moderate vaper can use this fully charged device for about a day and a half before charging again. 

The output wattage is between 10W and 16W with the voltage range being 3.3V and 4.2V. When the battery voltage gets lower than 3.3V, the LED indicator smartly flashes 15 times. 

Vaping Quality

Novo features an Automatic Draw System, which means that the device produces vapors whenever you take a drag. 

With the direct output technology, you can fire at a maximum of 16W when fully charged and the output comes down to 10W as the battery weakens. Since the pods have just about 1.1ohm resistance, you wouldn’t even notice the power drop. 

Contrary to its low resistance and power, Novo produces stunning amounts of vapor and awesome flavor. 

This Smok device has a narrow airhole, making it a perfect option for switchers since the drag is more restrictive. The final taste it delivers is very soft and will not have you choking. 

My suggestion is that you don’t mix flavors because if you do, you might end up getting a messy taste. 

Pod Quality 

Smok Novo pods feature an Air Driven System, making them very easy and convenient for beginners. You just need to inhale the air and the device automatically starts, producing massive clouds. 

Novo offers a lot for every single puff. It has no fire key or buttons, so switchers will enjoy the simplistic features. 

The pods are also free of leaking issues as they come with a leak-proof slot and the top rotary refill makes filling very easy. You just need to pull out the pod, pull the rubber plug from the slot, and fill it with e-liquid through the slot. 

Putting it back is also super easy—just press the rubber plug back firmly. 

You can also buy pre-filled pods from the market which are available in five flavors.

  1. Mango
  2. Purple Berry
  3. Watermelon
  4. Grape
  5. Tobacco

Safety Features

Novo provides multiple protections to avoid potential risks, including8 Seconds Cut-Off, Short-Circuit Protection, and Low Voltage Protection. This is as safe as a basic device can get. 


  • Stylish design
  • Wide range of color palettes 
  • 2 pods 
  • Excellent value for the money 
  • Super-fast firing 
  • Battery life
  • Multiple protections


  • 2ml e-liquid capacity pods 
  • Opaque pod body makes it difficult to check e-liquid quantity 
  • No protective membrane on the airhole 
  • Draw activated firing may not be for everyone 
  • Not fingerprint-proof 

Final Word

Smok Novo is an excellent choice if you are looking to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. It is a compact, stylish product and gives you strong flavors and good vaping experience. 

This device exceeded my expectations despite the limited capacity of its components. 

By offering such a huge list of advantages, the flaws can be overlooked. It is definitely worth the buy.