Suorin Air Pro Review: Is It Worth It?

Part of the Suorin Air series, the Suorin Air Pro is a pod system that aims to improve upon the older Suorin Air models. 

One of the most defining features of the Suorin Air Pro is its lightweight and trim design. The pod system aims to be small enough to easily fit into your pocket while also giving you the best vaping experience. Furthermore, this vape can be draw-activated, and the battery and e-liquid last for a long time. 

Overall, the Pro has a simple design, and there is almost no customizability. But if you are a beginner or want a simple and easy-to-use mod, Pro gets the job done well. 

Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit Review

The Suorin Air Pro pod kit is a small and thin pod device shaped similar to a smartphone. People tend to prefer this device because it is small while still having a long battery life and a rather sizeable refillable pod. 

The entire device is only 96x45x12.7mm, making the Suorin Air Pro a great model for easy travel. Suorin has made the mod from zinc alloy and PCTG material, giving it a sleek design. 

The Suorin Air Pro comes in a variety of colors, including ice blue, lively green, lavender purple, faded skeleton, star-spangled blue, and star-spangled red. 

Battery and Charging

Overall, the onboard battery in the Suorin Air Pro is excellent, especially considering the device’s tiny size. These mods come with a 930 mAh battery built-in, which means that the charge lasts pretty well, and for most people, it will continue throughout the entire day. 

This battery capacity is the same as the Suorin Air Plus but more significant than the original Air, which has a 500 mAh battery. 

The Air Pro has a mini-USB charging port, which some people like because they are the same as most phones. Others, however, would prefer a larger charger. Yet, you can also use a POGO charging dock for the Suorin Air Pro if you prefer. The POGO charging dock is what comes with certain Galaxy phones. 


The pod capacity in the Suorin Air Pro is relatively high compared to other pod systems. Unfortunately, though, this model can only vape salt nicotine. 

Pods for this device have a juice capacity of 4.9ml which should last you at least a few days. This amount is an improvement over other small pod models, like the Geekvape Wenax, which only holds 3ml. The pod is also clear enough so that you can easily see how much juice you have left. 

The pod for the Suorin Pro contains an integrated coil which makes maintenance easier. However, some people like to put their own coils in their e-cigs, which means that this kit could cause a problem for some users. 

You will also find that each pod lasts for up to six refills, which means you can keep refilling with e-liquid for a while. Yet, many people prefer to stay with the same flavor e-liquid until they replace the pod because they don’t like the different flavors mixing. You should also know that the pod won’t last as long as it should if you use sweet flavors. 

The pods in the device are easy to fill, but you may prefer using a syringe if you are really worried about making a mess since the fill holes are tiny. 


The Pro does not have replaceable coils. Instead of changeable coils, the coil is a part of the pod. Some people prefer this design, but it is a complete deal-breaker for others. 

At the moment, there is only the 1 ohm Pro Mesh coil available, yet Suorin has hinted that there may be other options available in the future. 

Vapor Production and Flavor 

One of the best things about the Pro is that you can get some pretty great flavor from it. So, if your favorite part of vaping is to inhale lots of tasty vapor, then the Pro is one of your best options. 

However, if you are a cloud chaser, you probably won’t care much for this device. Of course, the Pro does produce vapor, but not nearly as much as a sub-ohm device. 


Overall, the wattage output in the Pro isn’t that high. The wattage is 18W, and you cannot adjust it. Some vapers are content with this, but this is an absolute deal-breaker for others. 

However, vaping at a lower power can make your battery and e-liquid last longer while also keeping your wick and coil from burning. 

Also, a low wattage output is ideal for mouth-to-lung vapes, which is what the Air Pro is. Most people who prefer MTL devices have recently quit smoking and like this inhalation style because it mimics the feel of smoking cigarettes. 

Finally, the resistance range is only 1 ohm, and vapers can not adjust this either. 


Unfortunately, the Pro does not have a way to control airflow. The model comes with a loose airflow that is great for mouth-to-lung vaping and is similar to a cigarette. If you want to get a tighter hit, though, you can place your finger or a piece of tape over one of the airflow holes. 

Additionally, the Pro has a LAVAL nozzle airway design which reduces the heat by speeding up the airflow, which may be the reason for the looser draw. 

Other Features

  • Dual-firing modes make the Pro a great option for beginners. 
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • The vape shuts down after a five-second drag to prevent battery overheating and protect other vape aspects. 
  • You will find a single light mounted on top of the firing button, which is on the thinnest side of the mod. This light helps you to work the vape and lets you know if there is a problem. 

Commands and Lights

  • Battery indicator lights – green LED light=fully charged, blue=medium charge, and red=low battery
  • You can auto-draw or use the fire button, whichever you prefer. 
  • Five clicks of the fire button will turn the device on and off. There will be a slight vibration to indicate that the mod is activated. 
  • If your Suorin Pro is blinking blue light, then you have a faulty pod, or something is blocking the connection between the pod and the battery. Many other e-cigs have this same indicator to warn of a problem. 

What Comes in the Suorin Air Pro Kit?

The Suorin Air Pro pod kit comes with just a few items, including:

  • The Suorin Air Pro vape
  • One pod
  • A USB cable
  • User manual


  • You have the choice between draw activation or using the firing button. 
  • Small and easy to transport
  • Compatible with the Samsung POGO station, which many people already have. 
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap – You’ll only pay between $20 and $25 for this mod. 
  • It accepts large pods, which is amazing considering the device’s small size.


  • This device is an absolute fingerprint magnet. If you are going to be bothered by a messy-looking vape, you probably won’t enjoy the Pro. 
  • Since this is a simple kit, you won’t find many items in the kit. So, there is little customization available with this vape. 
  • You cannot go that high with the wattage. 
  • It can only vape salt nicotine. 
  • Some people may not like that there is no actual mouthpiece. Instead, there is a hole at the top of the mod which you pull vapor through. 


The Air Pro is the best vape you can get if you are a beginner or someone who wants an easy vape to use. Also, the kit comes with everything you need, and your pod will last a while because of its high juice capacity. 

The only problem that many people will have with the device is that there is a lack of customizability, such as not being able to change the coils or alter airflow or wattage. 

Yet, this addition to the Air line is a small and attractive option that comes in various designs, including faded skeleton and lively green. It is also small and thin so that it only feels as though you are carrying another phone in your pocket or bag.