Geekvape Aegis S100 (Solo 2) Review: Is It Worth It?

The Geekvape S100 (Solo 2) is quite similar to other previous Aegis devices, yet this vape has an IP68 rating, meaning that it is more water, dust, and shock-resistant than other Aegis vapes. 

Like every vape in the Aegis line, the S100 has a wonderful build quality and is easy to use, especially if it is your first mod. Geekscape seems to have introduced this kit as an updated version of the original Aegis Solo, and it includes new features like a USB Type-C port. 

The Aegis Solo 2 has a zinc alloy body with a mostly matte finish and a stainless steel top which gives the device a sleek yet not too shiny design similar to the original Solo. This kit also has an excellent build quality, making this choice an excellent pick for a new mod. 

Geekvape Aegis S100 Review

The S100 Aegis (Solo 2) made by Geekvape is a box mod with an IP68-rating. The Geekvape S100 kit is almost identical to the M100 except that it has a single external battery for longer battery life. 

The Geekvape S100 doesn’t come with a battery, but it is compatible with a single 18650 battery. Since the power source is not included and is replaceable, you can put whatever type of 18650 you want in the model. 


Overall, the tank on the Geekvape S100 is relatively simple. The tank that comes with the Geekvape S100 kit is the Geekvape Z 2021 sub-ohm tank. 

The Z tank is a top adjustable airflow tank, which is great because it prevents the leakage of vape juice that bottom airflow tanks just can’t manage. However, an issue with this new 2021 tank is that it’s easy to accidentally dislodge the airflow control ring when removing the top cap since it is thin. 

Although the 2021 tank does have top airflow, the air does enter the mod from underneath the coil. The concept comes from Zeus RTAs. 

Another thing that some people don’t like about the Z sub-ohm 2021 tank is that the fill port is rather small, which means you can’t easily use large nozzle bottles to fill your tank. But, the small fill port isn’t too much of a problem because the excess liquid will gather in the channel and eventually make its way into the tank regardless. 

You can hold up to 5.5ml of e-liquid in this mod, so you can go about two to four days without having to refill. You can also get a really good flavor from your e-liquid, especially once you get your settings exactly how you want them. 

Battery and Charging

The only thing that really changes in the Aegis S100 is that the battery bay in the Geekvape S100 fits a 18650 battery so that you can use your own high-quality battery inside your mod. Also, the battery is easy to put in since the kit contains battery orientation. 

You will find the Geekvape S100’s battery is at the bottom of the device in a tightly sealed compartment. The seal is great for keeping water and other debris away from the 18650 battery. However, unscrewing it can be hard on the fingers. 

Furthermore, the Geekvape S100 has a gold-plated and spring-loaded 510 pin. The gold in the pin ensures excellent conductivity and protects the electrical circuit. 

In another great update to the original, the Geekvape S100 has a Type-C USB port located underneath a rubber stopper. This USB port charges at a rate of 5V/2A so that the mod is ready for use quickly. 

The Type-C USB charging port brings the S100 kit up-to-date since most new vapes utilize this up-and-coming technology. USB Type-C ports are small and reversible, so you can easily plug them in. Also, you get more capability with a Type-C USB cable. 

Power and Temperature

This Geekscape mod has a maximum voltage output of 8.5 volts, so you have the option to go pretty high. A high voltage offers you the opportunity to experience an intense flavor that other vape options can’t supply. 

The resistance range for this piece in the Aegis line is 0.1 ohm to 3 ohms. So, for the most part, this model is a low resistance vape. Therefore, the S100 can produce more vapor quickly than higher resistance choices. 

Also, the wattage has a high range, all the way from 5W to 100W. However, you may not be able to get to the higher wattages if you do not use a good battery. Another great feature, though, is that the kit hits your set wattage instantly. 

Of course, as with almost all mods today, the Aegis Solo 2 has temperature control to give you a better vaping experience. 


The coils in this vape’s atomizer are Z coils, which are the same that go with the Z tank. The manufacturer will have already installed the mesh coil head. 

To replace the Z series coil, you need to unscrew the base off of the container. Once you’ve found it, the coil should easily pop out, but you do get a tool if you can’t remove it. 

Just remember that you shouldn’t change your Z series coil when the tank is full. Wait until the container is at least half empty before changing, although an empty tank is the best time to swap your coils. 

Other Features

Stealth Mode 

When you enter this feature on the Geekvape S100, the display turns off so that you can easily stealth vape. Also, when in this feature, you can lock the navigation buttons while still being able to use the fire button. 

To use stealth, you just need to push the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons and the fire button simultaneously. Then, hold for about two seconds, and your screen will go dark. 


Instead of using a button combination to lock your device, the Geekvape S100 uses the new A-lock. So, to deactivate your device, all you need to do is slide the switch on the side. 

With an easy lock, your vape won’t overheat from an accidental press of the firing button. 

Using the Geekvape S100 Solo 2

Here are a few commands and other tips for using the Geekvape S100:

  • Five clicks on the fire button will turn the kit on and off. 
  • You can change the wattage with either a single press that adjusts in 0.5W increments or with either of the two adjustment buttons to change the wattage faster. 
  • To manipulate the screen brightness, you just need to hold down the firing button on the front of the device at the same time as the ‘up’ button, and the display screen will brighten. Pressing the ‘down’ button will darken the screen. 
  • Three clicks of the firing button will take you to the mode settings, including watt curve and TC mode. 
  • The puff count is labeled ‘C’ instead of the usual ‘P.’ 

What Comes With the Geekvape S100 Kit?

The Geekvape S100 kit comes with:

  • Geekvape Z series 0.2-ohm coil (As mentioned earlier, the coil heads are pre-installed)
  • Geekvape Z series 0.25-ohm dual coil 
  • Geekvape Z sub-ohm tank 
  • Coil tool
  • Extra o-rings
  • Geekvape S100 device
  • User manual 
  • Charging cable 
  • Replacement tube
  • Spare parts


Overall, the Solo 2 is a good kit that comes with everything you need to keep the mod running for a while without having to buy anything extra, except batteries. The S100 also has a nice look that is both sleek and classy with a screen display that is easy to read and use. Furthermore, there is a tightly-sealed tank on this kit, and the top flow dramatically reduces the risk of leaks. 

On the downside, the tank is a bit difficult to open, and you will have a hard time getting to those higher wattages if you have weaker batteries. Yet, the new Aegis kit is a great model for anyone from the vape expert to beginners.