8 Tips for Vaping in Cold Weather

Most vapers already know that both heat and cold can affect their vape. Therefore, while the summer can affect your vaping experience, so can chilly winter temperatures. 

So, when you smoke in the winter, you need to remember certain tips to keep your vape in its best condition, such as not storing your device in a car overnight, keeping your device in a warm inside pocket, and investing in good mouthpiece top tips. 

8 Tips to Protect Your Vape in the Winter

Protect Your Batteries

Cold weather can seriously affect your pen’s battery life. Cold temperatures keep your device from accepting its max amount of current, resulting in a battery that dies quickly. Luckily, though, the cold will not damage the battery, but it will affect your experience. 

When winter vaping, you should keep your lithium-ion batteries warm when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you should keep your mod away from the cold air as much as possible. One of the best and easiest ways to keep your battery warm is to leave your pen at home during cold weather. 

Yet, for most people, leaving their pen at home is out of the question. Therefore, if you bring your mod with you outside during the winter, try to keep the device stored somewhere that it won’t get too cold. Your pocket is a good place because your body heat will help to keep the device warm. 

You should also never store your device in a cold car when the temperatures are low or, most likely, the battery will completely die. 

Prevent Vape Juice From Freezing

If you keep your e-liquid exposed to cold weather, it will eventually freeze. E-liquid has a lower freezing point than water, but freezing is not possible, especially if you live in a particularly cold area. 

Overall, propylene glycol freezes at about ten degrees Fahrenheit, while vegetable glycerin freezes at about two degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, you should remember that e-liquids have different ratios, so, as a natural result, not all juices will chill at the same temperature. 

However, if the weather dips down to below about 15 degrees, you may want to take some extra care with your e-liquid to prevent freezing. But you should know that there isn’t anything necessarily bad about frozen e-liquid, except that you won’t be able to vape it. Thawed liquid won’t have a change in taste or consistency, but winter vaping will be impossible with frozen e-liquid. 

Therefore, you will be better off leaving your vape and juice at home in extremely cold weather. But if you want to bring your vaping device with you in low temperatures because you need your nicotine fix, you should keep it close to your body to try to prevent freezing. 

Don’t Overfill Your Tank 

You should also know that there is a possibility of your tank breaking if the vape juice freezes inside it, but the chances are low. Technically, a frozen liquid can expand and crack the tank, but both PG and VG do not expand when they freeze. However, other ingredients in your e-liquid could possibly expand. 

So, when winter vaping, you should not fill your tank all the way to the top. Instead, it’s best to keep the tank about half full to prevent cracking if the e-juice freezes. 

Additionally, if your tank does crack because of frozen e-juice or any other reason, you should throw it away and purchase a new one immediately. When you have a broken tank, you may inhale small pieces of broken glass or metal, which is dangerous to your health. 

You should also never put your tank in boiling water or the microwave if your e-liquid has frozen or you can risk an explosion. You should just bring your vape into a warm home and let it thaw. 

Don’t Take Long Drags 

During winter vaping, you will feel like taking long drags because of the changes that happen to your vape in frigid weather. 

The result of cold air encountering your device’s inner workings causes the atomizer to not produce as much heat as usual. The reduced warmth in sub-zero temperatures means that your pen can’t give you the throat hit that it usually can. So, you’ll end up naturally wanting to take longer drags to compensate. 

However, long inhales will reduce your battery life and prematurely damage your atomizer. You will also use more e-juice than you usually would and experience more dry hits. So, you can either stop vaping outdoors in the cold or take in shorter drags during the winter months. 

Switch to a Non-Metallic Drip Tip 

If you live in a chilly place but still want to diminish your winter cravings, then you should think about buying a mod with a non-metal drip tip. 

Metal drip tips aren’t suitable for vaping in the cold because skin contact with frozen metal is one of the easiest ways to get frostbite. People who use electronic devices for smoking are particularly vulnerable to frostbite because your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of your body. 

Also, you may not realize how frigid the drip tip is before you put it up to your mouth because e-cigarettes can hold a lot of heat, so the rest of the pen may feel warmer than the metal tip. 

Bring Extra Supplies 

If you are outside a lot in the bitter air, you should bring some extra items to enhance your vaping experience. 

Since your battery will die much easier in frigid weather, bringing spare batteries and a charger are a great idea to prevent your battery from running dead. 

Also, chapstick is a great thing to have when you smoke in frosty weather because repeatedly pressing a frigid mod to your lips can make your lips chapped and painful. Apply lip balm every few hours to keep your mouth from drying out. 

Another good idea is to wear gloves when you vape to keep from having to touch your cold metal device all day. 

Don’t Share Your Vape 

Whether in winter or summer, one of the most important vaping tips is not to share your mod with others. Winter, especially, is a bad time to share your e-cig because colds and flu tend to be more common in the cold months. 

Use Juices With High PG 

Since chilly weather can make your e-liquid thicker, thinner PG juices can improve your experience. 

VG is already thick in the warm months, so adding in that extra cold can mean that high VG content liquids don’t wick properly inside your e-cigarette because they cannot move through the entire wick. The result is that they get stuck inside your machine, causing dry hits. 

Instead, try vaping juices with higher PG ratios to prevent burnt or uncomfortable hits that can even damage your device. 


Some of the tips above are common sense, but many are things that people don’t think about, especially if they are new to vaping or are used to vaping when it is a higher temperature outside. 

However, the good news is that cold temps aren’t the end of the world. You can still feel free to smoke the same amount in the winter as you did when it was warmer, but you just need to pay a bit more attention to keeping your mod away from extreme temperatures.