Why My Vape Tastes Like Metal and How to Correct It?

Experiencing metallic tasting hits when using your electronic cigarette? This bad taste is likely a result of burnt-out coil heads.

Iron taste while vaping is consistent with a bad coil or wick in the head of the e-cig. 

Multiple electronic cigarette users reported a similar problem, while other forum members explained how the vaping device works (and how it could lead to a taste resembling metal).

Vaping device has an atomizer, which is a minuscule heating element. It works to vaporize e-liquid through a wicking material that draws fluid onto the coil. 

If your e-cig has a metallic taste, it is likely due to a bad coil within the atomizer.

Why Does My Vape Taste Like Metal?

These are common reasons your vape may produce a metal zest.

Your Electronic Cigarette Has Lost its Zest

If you’re experiencing a metallic kick, the zest has worn off. This is often referred to as “vaper’s tongue.”

If this is the case, your electronic cigarette is producing wet vapor, but the flavor is gone. Although this isn’t likely to harm your device, it leaves the user with a metallic-tasting effect.

The solution

Once you realize your vape’s flavor has worn off, replace your e-juice.

Your Vape’s Wick Isn’t Absorbing Juice

When your device is left with a dry wick, this can result in a dry burn. This occurs when it’s no longer absorbing enough e-juice along the stick and a metallic taste results.

This could be a result of a coil that is too powerful or using the wrong batteries.

The solution

When you experience a metallic taste while vaping, confirm the flavor hasn’t worn off. If it hasn’t, check that the wick isn’t too big, the battery wattage is correct, and you aren’t using an oversized or old coil.

No Vapor Comes Out of Your E-Cigarette

When your electronic cigarette’s tank is empty or the wick can’t absorb e-liquid, you’ll be taking hits leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

This usually happens when the wick is unable to absorb liquid. This is caused by using the wrong cotton wick for your device or taking hits too close together.

The solution

If the metal taste from your vape is not caused by a flavor issue or lack of juice absorption, it may be due to taking several hits in a row or having a wick unable to absorb liquid.

Try taking fewer consecutive hits. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to replace your wick.

Removing a Vape’s Iron Taste

As mentioned, bad coils may create vapor that tastes like iron. Therefore, replacing your vape’s coils is one of the first things in preventing this occurrence.

You could also try cleaning the coils or dry burning, which may also increase your coil’s lifespan.

Why Does My Vape Have a Burnt Taste?

When there is not enough e-liquid soaked into your vape’s cotton stick, an unwanted burnt taste may result.

When you activate the fire button, the coil receives a current and heats it. This coil is attached to a wick, which enables e-liquids to react to the heat and become vapor.

To prevent this burnt taste, it’s important to double-check your e-liquid level.


Below are some frequently asked questions about using electronic smoking devices.

Is it bad to hit a burnt vape?

Analytical chemist for an e-cig company explained how a completely dry hit contains large amounts of metal proven to be harmful when inhaled.

Furthermore, dry hits contain other carcinogens from burnt wicking material. Carcinogens, according to the National Human Genome Research Institute, may cause cancer.

What should I look for in e-juice brands?

E-liquid consists of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavoring. When choosing a brand, it’s important to look for high-quality ingredients. 

Ingredients should be of a USP grade, and flavors should not include harmful ingredients such as diacetyl or acetyl propionyl.

Why does my vape have a bad aftertaste even with a new coil?

Forgetting to prime your new coil can lead to unwanted aftertaste when vaping.

To prime your coil, ensure the wick is saturated with e-liquid before starting. The coil must be covered entirely. You may need to repeat this process to avoid a bad aftertaste.

Does vaping leave metal in your lungs?

Research shows e-cig smoking can damage the lungs and lead to conditions found in industrial metal workers. According to one NBC News article, when metal coils of a vape device burn to create aerosols from liquids, toxic metals can land in the liquid.

What is the legal smoking age for buying an e-cig?

According to US federal laws, the minimum age for all tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) is 21. This law initially stated you could smoke an e-cigarette at the age of 18, but was increased to 21 in December of 2019.


If your vape tastes like metal, it is likely due to your vape’s coil and wick. Such a taste can be caused by a bad coil.

Other factors include an absence of flavor, no e-juice being absorbed, or no vapor being produced.