Why Isn’t My Vape Making Smoke or Firing?

There are two common reasons why your vape may not be making smoke or firing:

  • Your e-cig may not be charged or not turned on.
  • The firing pin may be preventing you from getting an electric current.

In this article, we will cover troubleshooting steps for these most common issues and supply you with a vaping tip or two.

How Do I Tell If My Vape is On?

Telling if your mod is on really depends on the type of model that you have. However, most models have a light indicating that the power is on. If the indicator is not on, press the firing button five times in a row.

If your device still doesn’t turn on, check the battery compartment door. Most cigarettes require the door to be closed entirely to complete the electric circuit. 

Also, if you search how to turn on your specific device, make sure you know the correct name of the pen. You may be looking at tips for the wrong device. 

Yet, overall, if your pen won’t turn on at all, you may have a broken one. 

Will My Vape Work with Low Battery?

Most devices have an indicator that will either change color or start flashing if the battery is low. Low power may be why your pen isn’t making enough vapor or any smoke at all. So if your mod is low, get your charger and try charging the batteries to see if that fixes the issue. 

Additionally, an essential vaping tip to note is that if you have a rechargeable pen, the charge loses its hold as it ages. Therefore, you may need to charge your mod more frequently for it to function correctly.

What if the Firing Pin is Blocking the Electric Current from My Vape’s Coils?

If you have just replaced your vape’s clearomizer and it isn’t creating vapor, then you may have displaced the firing pin during the installation process. Your pin should sit in the center of the pen and spring up and down so it can connect with the clearomizer.

To check that the pin is in the right place and not loose, you should remove the clearomizer and do a visual check. If the pin is in a “down” position, use a small screwdriver to wiggle it until it pops back up. 

What if I’m Not Getting Enough Vapor?

While not getting any vapor out of your pen can be a common issue, there are several reasons you are only getting a small amount of vapor. Some common problems include:

  • Flooded portions of your pen
  • The incorrect type of e-liquid
  • The incorrect type of vape
  • Not enough vape juice

Vape users will commonly run into these issues if they are new vapers or have just gotten a new device. 

How Do I Tell If I Flooded My Vape?

If you have enough e-liquid in your tank and your device is not producing the right amount of vapor, then you may have flooded your device. If flooding occurs, you should take the device apart and dry it out to get all of the liquids out of your device.

To dry your atomizer, take your device apart, dry the atomizer and coils with a paper towel and blow on them to remove any paper towel particles or excess water.

Flooding the device can also impact the connection between the pin and the clearomizer. Make sure to dry both of these parts with a cotton swab to ensure a clear connection. 

Often, after practicing these solutions, you will get more vapor production. 

How to Tell If I’m Using the Correct E-Liquid?

If you have a fully charged mod, enough e-liquid, and there’s no flooding, then you may need to look into using a different kind of e-liquid because different types of e-liquid make more or less smoke. 

If you are looking for more vapor, try using an e-liquid with a higher VG. Alternatively, e-liquids with higher PG will make less smoke.

How Do I Tell If I’m Using the Correct Type of Vape?

If a refill doesn’t solve the problem, then it may be time to upgrade your pen. If you are using an e-cigarette, then chances are your vaping device doesn’t have enough strength to get the amount of smoke that you want.

If you switch over to a personal device, it will produce more smoke. These more powerful devices will be able to fill your mouth and lungs with vapor and nicotine. 

What If I’m Tasting a Burnt Flavor?

Another common issue found with vapes is that they can develop a burnt taste after a long period of use. If this is the case, you should check your e-liquid tank to see if it is still full. 

If the problem persists after a refill, then consider how you are using your mod. If you aren’t waiting at least 30 seconds between puffs, you may not allow your vaping coil enough time to absorb the fluid, resulting in a burnt flavor.

If you are vaping correctly and your tank is full, but you are still getting a dry hit, you may need to clean your mod or replace your vaping coils.

How to Tell If I Need to Replace My Coil?

Small amounts of fluid can get stuck in the coil as you use your pen, especially if your o-rings aren’t great. This issue can produce a burnt flavor and prevent you from getting fresh liquid altogether. 

If your coil is dirty or discolored, you’ll need a replacement. 

You should also note that when you install a new coil, it may take a few minutes for the coil to soak up the liquid into its wick thoroughly. You’ll be able to take your first hit quicker if you prime your wick by giving it a quick soak in e-liquid. Just remember to let sit for at least a few minutes. 

What if My Vape is Making Gurgling and Popping Sounds?

It’s normal for your mod to make small fizzing sounds. These noises are just the coil heating the liquid so that you can take a hit. However, if the sounds are louder than usual, then you may have overfilled the tank.

How Do I Tell If Air Bubbles Are Getting into the Tank?

Another cause of loud popping or gurgling noises can be from tiny bubbles getting into your tank. To check for this, you should look to see if your atomizer is seated properly in the mod. 

If you find misplaced pieces like grommets or rubber rings, then bubbles may be getting in. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these solutions will help you get the hit from your pen that you expect. But, if you continue to face these common vape problems, you may need a new one.