Why is My Vape Firing On Its Own?

Auto-firing is when a vaping device acts like you are pressing the power button when you aren’t. You don’t have to be touching the vaping device for auto-firing to occur, and it may happen randomly or continue post-release of the button.

Vapes usually auto-fire on their own due to a faulty battery. But other common reasons for auto-firing are that you have a fried chip or switch or a leaking tank.

Auto-firing usually occurs inside a person’s pocket, purse, or drawer. The vape firing on its own can be dangerous and potentially cause an explosion.

Auto-firing has happened to many vapers, but it’s essential to immediately get your device fixed post-breakage because the mod or pen could become explosive and harm the user.

Common Causes For Device Auto-Firing

Tank leakage can lead to auto-firing. The tank can leak and auto-fire when the e-juice transfers to the atomizer incorrectly.

A manufacturing fault could also cause a bad battery and lead to auto-firing. To best prevent this occurrence, you should make a point to let the device rest between hits to give the power source time to cool. However, if you suspect the battery is faulty, replace it as soon as possible.  

Furthermore, avoid buying a fake or clone battery for a better price. Counterfeit or poorly made batteries are often the root cause of explosions, putting the user at risk.

Other manufacturing defects are another possible cause of your device’s auto-firing. An example of a typical manufacturing fault is a broken or wrong button insert or burned chip on the device due to cheap manufacturing materials or poor quality oversight. Again, cheap materials cause these problems and can lead to the device catching on fire or causing an explosion.

Tips To Make Your Vape Stop Firing On Its Own

First and foremost, be careful troubleshooting your device. There is electricity and heated batteries involved, and you have to mend your device with caution. If you are a beginner smoker, you should ask a professional for help before trying repairs on your own. 

One of the most critical tips when working on your mod or pen is to disable the electrical circuit. Therefore, remove the batteries and tank before you do anything else. 

If your device is auto-firing, the first thing you should try to fix it is to replace the battery. 

If this is not the issue, you should check the chip and switch since they are commonly known to burn out. To examine them, you have to dismantle your device. 

However, be sure to check the device’s warranty before you take it apart. Disassembly may void your warranty. 

Burnout signs on your switch and chip can be challenging to locate, so it might be safer to replace them regardless of how they look instead of trying to guess.

In most cases, you can avoid auto-firing by researching high-quality devices and purchasing from a trusted brand, asking for professional help if the tank is leaking, and replacing the faulty battery or chip as soon as possible. 

How To Know If Your Vape Is Broken

Whenever your vape heats up without you pressing the power button, technically, it is broken. The possible causes are because the button needs repair, something is wrong with your batteries, or the tank or nicotine pod is leaking.

Also, if your devices are burning out the e-juice on their own, this may point to a more severe issue. 

When you feel the heat in your pocket, you will know it’s time to take out the tank and mend the pen to keep it from auto-firing. These problems can regularly happen if you are a chain vaper. 

What Vape Is Most Reliable?

To avoid auto-firing, you should only purchase a high-quality device. Not only will these products work better, but they’ll also give you a smoother vaping experience. Here are the most reliable manufacturers: 


Wismec contains a reliable 18650 battery and has a 230W function. 


SMOK is one of the most popular devices and is known for its innovative design. SMOK vapes that people love include the Mag and G-Priv with Baby Beast tanks. They have a dual 18650 battery and 225W capability.


Vaporesso has impeccable customer service who can help you repair any issues with the mod and is well-known in the vaping community for its wide variety of products. 


UWELL strives to become the most valuable pen company in the world. They stick to set core values and are always looking to better their product. 


Halo is one of the most consistent vaping companies because they have been around since the beginning of the trend. They even have a product for beginners called The Reactor, a starter kit. 

Yet, no matter what brand you go with, just remember that after purchasing a new product, you should check it to see if it is heating up without you using it.


If you feel any heat in your pocket, your vape is most likely auto-firing. When this occurs, either replace the mod immediately or correct the issue to avoid an explosion. A poor battery, tank leakage, or cheap manufacturers are common reasons for auto-firing and can often lead to additional product defects, injuries, and bodily harm.