What is a USB Passthrough E-Cig Mod?

A passthrough e-cig mod is a helpful add-on piece of equipment, or USB cord, allowing you to enjoy vaping while charging your e-cig. 

While e-cigs are great, the battery often dies when you least expect it. With a pass-through mod, you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge to continue vaping.

USB Passthrough: How it Works

Many e-cig products require you to plug in the device and wait for the battery to charge between uses. The battery life of your device will vary depending on the brand and size of the vape product you use. 

Some may only last a few hours while others may hold power throughout the day.

Another factor determining the battery life of your vape is how much you use it. The more you vape, the quicker the battery will run down. 

Once the battery runs down, you must plug it into a power source to charge it.

Unfortunately, the majority of vape products require a certain amount of charge time. For safety reasons, it is not recommended that you vape while your device charges. 

Fortunately, adding a USB passthrough to your vape changes that.

A USB passthrough e-cig mod is a USB cord that you connect to your electronic cigarette. You can use the USB cord with your computer or any available USB port. 

The mod then pulls the power from the connected source of power rather than your battery.

Benefits of a USB Passthrough E-Cig

Vape mods offer a range of benefits, such as the USB passthrough e-cig. One of the main benefits is that you can continue to vape even after your battery needs to charge. Vaping is often frustrating when you must wait for your vape to charge.

Another benefit of the USB passthrough is that it does not use your battery. You can conserve the batteries while prolonging their life. 

Simply plug the cord into your laptop, desktop computer, or car to conserve the batteries in your vape.

Your car, laptop, gaming console, any other USB port can serve as a source. Keep in mind, your vape may take a bit longer to charge if you use it while it is charging. 

However, a USB passthrough often pushes enough power to the vape to charge it quickly.

Many electronic cigarette users prefer a USB charger because it can produce thicker vapor clouds. E-cig users report a more powerful pull from their vape when it is plugged into a passthrough. 

You may also notice more powerful vape clouds when the charger is plugged into your car versus your laptop.

Shopping for a USB Passthrough for E-Cigs

If you are interested in using e-cigs with a USB passthrough, or if you already have an e-cig and simply need the mod, hop on your computer and browse the web for the best product. There are many devices, accessories, batteries, and mod options available.

You will find some batteries have a passthrough mod built into them. For instance, an e-cig that has built-in batteries can come pre-modded. 

An e-cig that uses external batteries will likely require an e-cig mod.

The e-cig mod you need will depend on what kind of electronic cigarette you use along with the brand and style. 

A qualified supplier can make it easy for you to find exactly what you want and need to improve the quality of your e-cig.


Replacing traditional cigarettes with an e-cig is a great choice, especially with the right modifications. Reaching for a pack of cigarettes might seem tempting when you are waiting for your electronic cigarette to charge. 

Thanks to the use of a USB pass-through, you can improve the quality of your atomizer and avoid the temptation of traditional cigarettes.

Simply connect the modification to your atomizer and experience vaping without waiting and prolong the life of the batteries in the process.