How to Get a Vape Tank UnStuck?

It can be pretty aggravating when you have a stuck vape tank that just won’t budge but don’t throw in the towel yet. There are several different methods to get a stuck vape tank off your vaping unit, including a non-stick cloth, rubber gloves, tapping and twisting, rubber bands, a lubricant, a mouse pad, and pliers.

How to Remove a Tank Stuck to a Vape? 

If you have a vape tank stuck to your device and need to refill your e-liquids, it can be frustrating. Yet, you have several different methods using regular household items that you can try to get vape tanks unstuck, whether the problem is from overtightening, too much vape juice, or a device devoid of e-liquids.

Safety First

Before you try other methods of removing your stuck vape tank besides the brute force of the hands, you should be careful. Remove the battery in the mod, or if your mod is a unibody and you cant remove the battery, turn it off. 

The tanks I’ve had in the past require five clicks of the button to turn off–but follow the instructions for your particular model and double-check that there is no power flowing to the batteries. 

Finally, one of my most important tips is not to mess with a device connected to the charger. You could electrocute yourself. 

Find a Stronger Person

This method is a no-brainer. Find a stronger person who has no problem possibly getting juice all over them, and ask them to fix your stuck tank.

The Non-Stick Cloth Method

I’ve had some success with using any type of non-stick cloth to give me a better grip, especially if I had any sweat on my hands. You can use a chamois, a waffle weave kitchen towel or washcloth, a rigid shop towel, or even a mouse pad. Simply put the cloth on the tank for a better grip, and it may come loose with only a few twists.

The Gloves Approach

Another successful helper for a stuck vaping tank is to wear some rubber gloves–the kind with the little ridges or bumps on them are the best. Dishwashing gloves are made for a good grip on dishes and can also help you in this situation.

The Tapping Approach

I’ve found this method to work well, especially away from home. The idea is to tap the tank on a surface like a table or a countertop and then just screw the lid off. Many times, this helps to unstick the tank. 

Just be aware not to tap your device too hard because you could break the tank in the process and have e-liquid spill everywhere. Plus, breaking the tank, even just a thin crack, could cause a hazard when you use your vape again. 

The Rubber Band Method

I have used the rubber band method with success in the past. You wrap a rubber band around the whole tank, so it’s easier to grip and twist the stuck tank off with your hand.

The Lubricant Method

I usually keep a can of WD-40 on hand at my house because you can use it to loosen just about anything. If you aren’t a DIYer, there’s another item that you probably have on hand–cooking spray. 

You just soak the tank heavily with the spray lubricant and wait a little bit for it to do its magic, and most times, the tank will unscrew easily.

The Pair of Needle Nose Pliers Method

If you’ve tried all the above methods to no avail, you can try using a pair of pliers. 

Secure the needle nose pliers around the tank but not on the glass portion. Apply only gentle pressure, twist the tank to loosen it slightly, and then twist it off by hand. 

Needle nose pliers work well because they have a point at the tips and are less likely to damage the glass on the tank.

You can also use pliers to take out a stuck coil. 


If all else fails, and you still have trouble opening your tank, stick it in the freezer for a bit after removing the batteries. Leaving your tank sitting in the freezer for a little while can make the connections looser and, thus, easier to open. 

How to Prevent a Stuck Vape Tank

There are three common reasons why your vape tank is stuck on the mod. A stuck vape tank can be because you over-tightened the tank when you last put it on, or it can be that you didn’t tighten it enough, causing the e-liquid to leak out. Finally, using your device with a dry tank that contains no e-liquid can cause your tank to stick. 

Overtightening the tank or cross-threading, it can cause your tank to be stuck. Overtightening can also damage other interior parts, and you will need to replace your entire setup if you can’t open it. You should only twist your tank until you feel some pressure. It’s easier to re-tighten it if needed than to need an entirely new device.

Also, leaking e-liquid can accumulate between the vape tank and the mod and form a sticky area almost like a seal that is hard to break. 

Each time you clean your vaping device, wet a cotton swab in warm water and clean around the area where the tank and mod meet. Water should remove any extra liquid that leaked and has become sticky. Then re-wipe the area with a dry cotton swab and reassemble your vape.

Lastly, if you use your tank without any e-juice, you can end up with a stuck vape tank from the heated elements creating a vacuum. If this problem has happened, you should try to get more grip on the tank once it cools. Try a mouse pad or a jar opener to help you unscrew your tank. 

Wrap up

I’ve noticed that it’s more likely to be someone new to vaping who needs help getting things unstuck. One of the above methods should work to save your vaping device, especially one of the tried and tested ones like cleaning off extra juice or using a grippy surface to open a tight tank. 

However, instead of risking using too much force, you can take your device to a vape shop and ask for assistance. No, they won’t laugh at you, they help people with this problem all the time, and they won’t think anything about it other than you are most probably new to this process. And, worst-case scenario, you’ll just need a new mod.