8 Most Famous Celebrities Who Vape & Why?

I’m sure you’ve seen paparazzi photos of countless celebrities carrying a small device in their hand that kind of looks like a pen or flashlight. You might even have seen footage of them appearing to smoke it and exhaling a large cloud of smoke.

The use of e-cigarettes (or vapes) is very common with celebrities of all industries, ages, and genders these days. It has become a very popular recreational habit that in some ways has almost eclipsed smoking.

It’s no wonder that teens and young adults are getting into vaping because the celebrities who they idolize are regularly seen doing it. There are vape stores on almost every block in America, which speaks to the popularity of these e-cigarettes.

Although only an estimated 6% of Americans report vaping according to a recent Gallup survey, the numbers are very concentrated in teens and young adults. Vaping culture has become increasingly common in these age groups thanks in large part to celebrities.

But who is really vaping? Which of your favorite celebrities has adopted this habit? In this article, we will talk about celebrities who vape. Some of these you may know, but some are certain to surprise you.

8 Most Famous Celebrities Who Vape

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably one of the most recognizable faces when you think of celebrities who vape. He has always been VERY public about the habit ever since he picked up e-cigarettes to quit smoking cigarettes.

Leo was famously spotted vaping in the audience at the 2016 SAG awards, which caused quite a stir in Hollywood and resulted in a vaping ban at the Academy Awards later that same year.

Britney Spears

For years Britney Spears was often spotted by paparazzi smoking cigarettes while out and about. But she ditched smoking for vaping like many other famous celebrities in recent years. She is now regularly photographed puffing on e-cigarettes instead.

Reportedly, Britney made the change to vaping for the health benefits (as compared to smoking). She has been making an effort to clean up her overall health to be a better mom to her two sons, and vaping is helping her do just that.

Tom Hardy

Another loud and proud celebrity vape user is Tom Hardy. The actor is hardly ever without a vape pen in hand when out in public, during interviews and even while riding his motorcycle.

He is arguably one of the celebrities who really embodies a vaping lifestyle and it has become something he is well known for. Fans are constantly trying to guess what style of vape he is using to try to emulate him.

Miley Cyrus

Miley is very open about how much she loves to vape. She even has been known to vape while performing onstage at her concerts.

She was a part of some vaping controversy in 2020 when the well-known e-cigarette brand, JUUL, tried to recruit her as a spokesperson to appeal to young audiences. Miley was one of a few A-list celebrities who are frequent vape users who were approached by JUUL.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is out to prove that vaping is not just for young adults. It’s hard to find a picture of Jack without a vape pen in his hand or in his mouth.

Like many other celebrities, the 84 year old actor took up e-cigarettes as a replacement for cigarettes that he smoked for many years.

Katy Perry

The “I Kissed A Girl” singer is certainly not shy about her long-time love for vaping. Photographed with an e-cigarette as early as 2011, Katy has been a proponent of vaping for a decade.

She is often seen out with her vape in hand at pool parties, award shows, and more.

Katherine Heigl

Following the trend of celebrities who quit smoking thanks to vaping, the Grey’s Anatomy star is now an avid vape user. She even appeared on The David Letterman Show, took a puff from her e-cigarette mid-interview and convinced Letterman to give it a try.

Katherine has become one of Hollywood’s main female  faces on the vaping scene. 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is no stranger to vaping. She regularly posts content on her Snapchat showing her blowing elaborate smoke rings and taking puffs on an e-cigarette.

While many fans continue to speculate what the star has in her vape pen, it’s clear that she is  fan!

Why Do Celebrities Love To Vape?

Celebrities always love to start trends and push the envelope with regard to their behavior in society. They are performers at heart, so it’s understandable that even in their everyday life they are still “performing”.

Vaping is an attention-capturing activity because while smoking cigarettes indoors has become taboo in the last several decades, vaping is condoned indoors in most places. But even still, seeing someone “smoking” indoors captures attention and celebrities love that aspect.

You’ll often see celebrities puffing on a vaping device during interviews, in the audience at award shows, on movie and television sets, and just out and about in their everyday lives. 

Do All Celebrities Vape?

Of course not! As with many anything, vaping is a lifestyle choice and it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Even celebrities who previously were big users of e-cigarettes have stopped for a variety of personal reasons. Whether it’s to start a family, due to a health scare, or just changes in lifestyle, celebrities are always changing their habits.

An example of a celebrity who quit vaping is Bella Hadid. The American model announced publicly in 2019 that her New Year’s Resolution was to quit using her Juul e-cigarette and reportedly was successful.

Why Do Celebrities Quit Cigarettes For Vaping?

Countless celebrities have praised vaping as being the only thing that finally worked to help them quit cigarettes for good.

Many reported trying all kinds of different things to quit including extreme cleanses, hypnosis, counseling, medications, and much more without any luck until they tried e-cigarettes instead.

Do Celebrities Think Vaping Is Cool?

It sure seems that way! As you can see, vaping is everywhere in Hollywood, on the music scene, and pretty much everywhere you look. It is generally viewed as “healthier” than cigarettes and can be a great way to curb that addiction and replace it with something else.