Why Can’t I Taste the Flavor In My Vape?

There are a few reasons you might not be able to taste the rich flavor you’ve grown accustomed to in your vape. 

Anything from mechanical failures to issues with your juice to problems associated with your taste buds can contribute to an inability to taste your vape. 

Most flavours are quite vibrant, with some of the most popular vape flavours being fruits, menthol, tobacco, coffee, and deserts. 

Using similar vape flavours is a common reason they seem less vibrant over time, so swapping flavours often is a good idea. 

Using the same type of liquid is just one of the factors responsible for a diminished sense of taste while vaping. 

Here is a checklist of potential problems to watch for to avoid diminished vape flavour.

Device Problems

The most common reason a vape has lost its tasteful kick may be a mechanical failure in your device. 

Issues range from quick fixes like adjusting your wattage, swapping out a coil, or, more serious problems like a battery failure or improper heating equipment. 

Checking your device every few vape sessions to see if any parts have worn out is a good preventative measure. 

Loose or malfunctioning elements of your coil and atomizer as well as worn-out batteries can all add to lack of taste from your e-liquid. 

Cartridges and Atomizers

For those using devices with cartridges, a lack of flavour means it’s time for a replacement. 

It’s likely you’re pulling residual e-juice from an empty tank, which explains why you aren’t getting much liquid or flavour. 

Cartridge failure is a key factor leading to reduced vape flavour. Look for cartridges that feature see-through windows if monitoring the juice level is a constant concern.

Atomizers are another component requiring maintenance check-ups from time to time. With extended use, vape’s atomizers may form a buildup of liquid residue. 

This can lead to uneven heating and diminished flavour from your device. When this happens, it’s time to swap out your atomizer.

Without proper heating, you aren’t vaporizing the e-liquid evenly, resulting in a poor flavour experience. 

Wicking Material Failure

If you’re experiencing a burnt taste, you’ve likely hit your vape while the wicking material is dry, burning the cotton. 

Many new vapers make this mistake and changing the coil or wicking material, letting the e-liquids seep in thoroughly will solve the problem. 

For drip tank users, make sure your coil isn’t worn out, wicking material isn’t worn or burned, and there isn’t a buildup of residue on your deck. 

These issues can be fixed quickly but when left unattended, can cause your vape to produce lackluster flavour. 

Batteries and Proper Wattage Settings

If you’re not getting much flavour from your vape, it’s possible your battery is just low. 

For devices with a battery indicator, you can easily monitor the level of your charge. If you don’t have an indicator, try charging your vape to see if flavour improves. 

Another reason you aren’t tasting the right flavour or experiencing diminished vapor flow could be due to incorrect wattage settings. 

Without enough power, your coil or atomizer isn’t going to heat evenly or reach the optimum temperature to vaporize the liquid. 

Low power will keep your vape from producing the desired flavour or clouds you’re used to. 

You could have mistakenly purchased a higher wattage coil than you were using previously, or, you’re still learning your way around a new device. 

In any case, if you aren’t getting good flavour from your e-liquid, check the proper wattage for your coil and charge the batteries. 

Vape Juice Problems

Although it’s rare, your vape liquid could be the problem. If the manufacturer didn’t let the liquid steep long enough, the e-juice hasn’t had time for the flavor to reach its potential. 

Be sure to give e-liquids time to seep into the wicking material. Especially on a fresh, dry coil or new wicks. 

Pouring e-liquid into your vape and using the device immediately won’t give you the flavour and clouds you want. 

Your wicking material needs to be saturated to produce the flavour you’ve come to enjoy. To be sure you’ve soaked your coil properly, just follow a couple of steps. 

Put a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the wicking material and the coil head, and then fill your tank, allowing it to sit for five to ten minutes.

This will help avoid both a lack of flavour and burnt coils. 

Your vape time, or how long you draw on your vape, can also lead to a lack of flavour. This is especially common in drip mods since they lack tanks that hold much fluid. 

Essentially, a long draw can dry out the coil, causing burned wicking material and lack of flavour. 

Personal Issues

If your device is set up and working properly, the e-liquid may not be the culprit causing your vape to lack zest. It’s possible your taste buds are to blame. 

Regular vaping with similar e-cigarette flavours or e-liquids could be the main cause of why you can’t taste your vape anymore.

Dry Mouth

Active vaping can lead to dry mouth and loss of your sense of taste. Using e-cigarettes typically involves a lot of inhaling, so this is a common issue among vapers. 

Without any saliva, the taste buds on your tongue have a hard time functioning. Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated is the best way to combat the issue.

Vaper’s Tongue

Also known as vaper’s fatigue, vaper’s vongue is essentially when your taste buds are over saturated from receiving the intense flavors of e-liquids on a regular basis. 

It’s a common problem for occasional and active vapers, especially if they consistently use the same flavour. 

You can aleviate vaper’s tongue by a few simple methods. Vaping completely different flavours can help, especially if you consistently vape the same type. 

Mouthwash or a good scrub with a toothbrush is another way to cleanse your palette.

Some users find vaping flavorless e-liquid is a good way to rest the tongue while continuing the habit.  


The main causes behind diminished vape flavour include mechanical problems, issues with the e-liquid, or a physicall problem caused by actively vaping. 

You can easily pinpoint the culprit and apply preventative measures for keeping the kick in your vaping experience. 

Remember, if your device is working properly, it’s possible your tongue is simply oversaturated with flavour. 

Taking a break from vaping can bring back the flavorful experience you had when you started.