Vaping Battery Safety: 10 Important Tips

Some people are afraid to try vaping because of the stories about exploding vapes they have heard. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a vape from exploding. 

To prevent an explosion, you should always use the correct pieces for your vape, keep the device clean, refrain from overcharging, and store devices properly. 

Why Do Vapes Explode?

Most exploding vapes come from issues with lithium-ion batteries. These vape batteries can explode if you don’t follow proper battery safety measures. 

Are Exploding Batteries Common?

With all of the stories in the news about vapes exploding, it is easy to believe explosions are a common problem, but it is less common than most people think.

During the last 7 ½ years, 214 explosions have occurred. This number may seem high, but considering there are over 20 million vapers globally, 214 isn’t that high. The odds of lithium battery failure, according to Battery University, is only around 1 in 10 million.

E-cigarette batteries are so safe that medical devices use the same batteries. Yet, while explosions are uncommon, you should take vape battery safety measures seriously.

Which Type Of Vape Poses The Greatest Risk?

Regulated mods are popular because they are inexpensive and widely available. In addition, regular mods have vape battery safety features to prevent them from exploding.

Mechanical mods, conversely, pose the most significant risk for an explosion. Mechanical mods don’t have features to prevent explosions, making following the safety tips more critical.

Essential Tips To Prevent a Vape Explosion

If the battery in a vape is defective, there isn’t much you can do to prevent an explosion. Fortunately, faulty batteries are extremely rare because of battery manufacturers’ high standards when creating lithium-ion chemistries. 

But you should follow safety measures, such as keeping your battery out of direct sunlight and not leaving a battery charging unattended. 

Tip 1: Use the Right Charger

One great way to prevent a vape explosion is to use the charger that came with the vape. 

Some cell phone chargers fit some vapes. However, just because you have USB adapters that work for your vape doesn’t mean they’re suitable for electronic cigarettes. Smartphone manufacturers have not created their products for your vape. 

Using a phone charger will affect the battery’s performance, the ability of the battery to hold a charge, and the battery’s overall life because smartphone batteries are not the same as the ones found in vapes. Therefore, using cellphone battery chargers can also result in a vape explosion.

Tip 2: Don’t Charge the Vape While Sleeping

Falling asleep while the vape is charging will cause the vape to charge seven to eight hours longer than necessary, which can cause the vape to overheat. According to data from FEMA, 80 percent of vape explosions occurred when the e-cigarettes were charging.

So, instead of charging overnight, charge your batteries safely during the day. Or, you can invest in a smart charger that gives you over-discharge protection to prevent continuous power output. 

Plus, on a similar note, don’t take long drags so you don’t go over the continuous discharge rating of your product. Going over a battery’s CDR, especially with a bad battery, is dangerous. Talk to your local vape shop about your vape’s CDR and to know how many amps are in your battery. 

Tip 3: Carry Your Extra Batteries Properly 

When carrying loose batteries, keep them in a battery case and prevent contact with metal objects and other batteries. 

Tip 4: Charge the Vape From a Wall Outlet

Many people use their computers or TVs to charge their vapes. While this is convenient for some vaping devices, you shouldn’t use a TV or computer to charge a vape. You should use wall chargers only. Trying to charge a vape from anywhere but the wall increases the risk of an explosion.

You can also use an external charger to charge multiple batteries at once. As long as your vape doesn’t have internal batteries that you can’t remove, it’s best to charge your device’s battery (or more than one battery) with these types of chargers. 

Tip 5: Store the Vape Away From the Sun

You should not expose your vape to extreme temperatures, especially heat, or the vaporizer battery could overheat. Vapes need to be stored in a cool place to ensure safety.

Tip 6: Keep the Vape Away From Water

Water damage can cause a spark that can lead to a fire, causing the vape to explode. 

If the vape gets wet, especially inside the battery vents, the entire e-cigarette must dry out before you use it again. If drying is difficult, using a new battery is the safest option.

Tip 7: Don’t Use Damaged Batteries

A damaged battery may still charge a vape. However, you shouldn’t use damaged batteries. Any battery damage, no matter how minimal, could result in an explosion.

Tip 8: Buy Batteries From Reputable Brands

There are plenty of companies that sell vape batteries. However, not all companies sell high-quality rechargeable batteries, and some may even try to sell you the wrong battery, like Samsung batteries, which can cause battery explosions. You should buy your batteries from the best vape shop in your area to ensure you get high-quality vape batteries. 

Furthermore, reputable companies guarantee the safety of their e-cigarette batteries, and the risk of explosion reduces significantly.

You should also be aware that you use the correct battery for your vape. You may want a more powerful battery to produce bigger vape clouds, but you’ll need a device that can accept more power. 

Tip 9: Charge the Vape On a Hard Surface

Like most vape batteries require the correct charger, and to be kept from extreme heat, you should charge batteries on a hard surface. If the vape is on the bed or a pillow and the battery explodes, the pillow or blankets will cause the fire to spread, which can be disastrous.

Charging batteries on a hard surface reduces the risk of serious fire damage. 

Tip 10: Clean the Battery and Connections Regularly

You should remove your vape battery and clean it with alcohol wipes because if the connections become corroded, it can increase the risk of explosion. Cleaning the battery and terminal takes just a few seconds, and it can prevent a short circuit.

Speak with the staff at your local vape store to learn how often you should clean your lithium ion battery.