How to Add Nicotine to E-Juice?

People want to add nicotine to their vape juices because they either want more nicotine than they have in their base liquid or wish to pay more attention to the amount of nicotine they vape. 

But, whichever your reason, you are likely craving nicotine and trying to figure out the best way to get the nicotine level you want.

If so, there are plenty of ways to add nicotine to an e-juice bottle, including using a nic shot or a ready-to-use bottle.

All of these methods require you to understand the amount of nicotine you want, measure out your nicotine with a syringe, and possibly do some math. 

How to Add Nicotine to E-Liquid?

Whether you are making your own DIY juice or you want to pay more attention to how much nicotine you are consuming, adding your own nic to your vape liquid bottle is a great way to get to your desired nicotine strength. 

Adding Nicotine Shots to Short Fills 

Short fills are e-juice bottles with extra space at the top to add a nicotine shot. Many companies are creating shake-and-vape style liquids in several different flavors, so finding a nic shot or vape shortfill bottle you like is rather easy.

Usually, when people add nicotine shots to their bottle, they add the entire 10mg of the nic shot. However, you do not need to use the whole bottle if you want a lesser nicotine strength in your vape. For a smaller amount of nicotine, use a syringe to measure how much nicotine you need to take from your nicotine shot when mixing shortfills. 

Yet, either way, make sure you shake your bottle well to ensure the nicotine shot has distributed throughout the entire base liquid. 

Adding Nicotine to Ready-to-Use E-Liquid 

Adding nicotine to a ready-to-use e-liquid bottle is easy and an alternative to using nic shots. The most challenging part of this process is deciding how much nicotine you need and measuring it with a syringe. But once you’ve done this step, you can simply add the nicotine to the e-liquid. 

Just remember, though, that you may need to move your e-liquid to your own bigger bottle to ensure you have enough space for your nicotine. Many ready-to-use bottles have a bit of extra space at the top but rarely do they allow more than one or two milligrams of extra juice. 

Also, if you aren’t using a nicotine-free liquid, make sure you know the nicotine content in your liquid already and adjust accordingly. 

Adding Nicotine When Making E-Liquid 

When mixing nicotine into your homemade e-liquid, you need to determine how much nicotine base you need. 

The math here is easy. You just need to multiply the milliliters your final product will be by the mg/ml concentration you want in your e-liquid. For example, if you are making 100ml of DIY e-juice and you want your nicotine concentration to be 5mg/ml, then you multiply 100 by 5. Since 100 times 5 is 500, you will need 500mg. 

If you are using diluted nicotine, then you need to divide the amount of nicotine you need by the strength of your diluted nicotine juice. So, if your nicotine is 100mg/ml, you need to divide 500 by 100, which means you will need to use 5ml of your diluted nicotine in your e-liquid. 

To put it more simply, you’ll need to:

  1. Determine how much e-liquid in milliliters you want to make. 
  2. Determine what you want your nicotine concentration to be in milligrams per milliliters. 
  3. Multiply the numbers in steps one and two together. 
  4. Then, determine the strength of your diluted nicotine in milligrams per milliliters. 
  5. Divide the number in step four by the number in step one. 
  6. The final number you get will be how many milligrams of diluted nicotine to use. 

Finding the Right Nicotine Strength 

Before you put nicotine in your vape juice, you should first know how much you need. If you don’t have enough nicotine, you will continue to crave it. However, too much nicotine in your e-liquid can make you sick. 

If you are trying to quit cigarettes, you will want a higher liquid nicotine concentration. Heavy smokers should use about 12-20 mg of nicotine liquid in their vape juice for everyday use. 

If you never smoked cigarettes heavily or never smoked them at all, then your nicotine strength will be much lower, possibly even down to just a couple of milligrams a day. You can also try nicotine-free e-liquids, so you don’t become addicted. 

But, to figure out the right amount of nic for you, you’ll have to experiment with different doses. Just remember that you don’t want to go too high. For example, 50 to 60 mg could kill a 150-pound person. 

For the most part, you should consult these basic measurements when deciding on a nicotine strength:

  • Nicotine free: 0mg/ml
  • Light dosage: 3mg/ml
  • Moderate dosage: 6mg/ml
  • Heavy dosage: 12mg/ml or more

You can also search for a more exact vape e-liquid calculator to help you decide the proper nicotine levels for your juice. 

Choosing a Vape Nicotine Liquid 

When looking for a nicotine liquid, there are a few choices you can pick from, including nic shots, nicotine diluted with PG or VG, and nic salts. 

Nicotine Shots 

Nicotine shots are 10ml bottles of nicotine used to add nicotine to e-liquids easily. A nic shot will also make it easy to add the exact amount of nicotine you want to your e-liquid because the bottle size is the same every time and is a concentrated amount. 

However, you should remember that the flavorless liquid of the nicotine shot will dilute your flavor. Also, short fills are higher in VG, so they are better for use in a big cloud kit instead of a starter device. 

Finally, you can also make your own nic shot, but you need to be extra careful with your nicotine levels to ensure you get the amount you want. 

Nicotine Diluted with PG 

Nic solutions diluted with propylene glycol are great options for long-term storage because they do not freeze until they reach very low temperatures. You’ll want to keep your nicotine liquid in a cool place to preserve it, so PG is perfect for storage.  

Nicotine with PG also helps to dilute the slightly peppery natural taste of nicotine. So, if you are a vape connoisseur and know the exact flavor you want, properly mixed PG and nicotine may be what you prefer. 

Lastly, PG vape products are usually more cost-effective than VG. 

Nicotine Diluted with VG 

People who want their VG ratios as high as possible are the primary users of juices diluted with vegetable glycerin. However, it’s not easy to track down a bottle of VG diluted nicotine. 

Nicotine Salts 

Some people prefer to use nicotine salts rather than the more standard nic products because nic salts are smoother and allow for a better flavor. 

Pure Nicotine

You will find pure nicotine available for sale, but it isn’t the best to use when mixing with e-liquid because pure nicotine requires much more safety precautions than the other options. Additionally, many people can not handle pure nic because of medical reasons, like sensitive skin. 

Also, a pure concentration will not be an unflavored nicotine variety and will come with a detectable taste. 

Safety Measures

You should be careful when handling nicotine, especially in higher concentrations, because if a high dosage seeps into your skin, it can make you sick. Always wear gloves when using nicotine and keep it out of contact with your eyes. 

Also, always keep vape products, including juices and electronic cigarettes, away from children and pets. 


Whether you add nicotine shots to a base liquid or are creating your own DIY e-liquid, adding nicotine to your liquid is easy and doesn’t take much time. The hardest part is determining the strength you will need, but an e-liquid calculator can help you.