Juul vs Suorin Air: Which Vape Is the Best?

The Juul has dominated the market due to its outstanding specifications like its portable size, its draw activation and its use of nicotine salts. But the Suorin Air is a very strong competitor. Many other companies have entered the market and offer a lot of features making them worthy opponents to the Juul. Let’s compare both the Suorin Air and the Juul and help you make an informed decision during your next vape purchase.

Juul vs Suorin Air: Let’s Compare?


Juul: The Juul has a very lightweight and discreet design. It is about 9.5cm in length and only 1.5cm wide. This small size makes it very convenient to carry around. It is also very close in design to a traditional cigarette. So, for smokers who are looking to quit, this has a pretty close feel to a traditional cigarette. The small size allows you to use it without drawing much attention to yourself.

Suorin Air: The Suorin air is one of the tiniest vapes on the market at the moment. It is shaped like a credit card. It has very slim dimensions of 88mm by 45mm by 8mm. It is perfect for your pocket. This portability allows you to carry it about without any inconvenience. It can even fit into your wallet. But please do not do this because it might break this way.

Verdict: In terms of portability and design, both the Juul and the Suorin Air are similar. Both can be easily carried around without any hassle.


Juul: The Juul gives an awesome performance, providing good vapour, good flavour and good hits too. It is draw activated and is ready for vaping when you are.

Suorin Air: The Suorin Air when used in comparison to the Juul proved to have a more awesome performance. The vapour production and flavour from the Suorin Air were more than that of the Juul. The Suorin also hits a lot smoother than the Juul.

Verdict: The Suorin air vapes perform better than the Juul in terms of vapour production, flavour and smooth hits. Here, it is a win for the Suorin.

Flavour Options

Juul: You get pre-filled e-juice pods to use with the Juul and the flavours are limited. There is a possibility you might get bored with them over time.

Suorin Air: Suorin uses an open system so you can fill the pods with any vape juice of your choice. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of flavours each time and gives you unlimited flavour options.

Verdict: Juul offers very limited flavours so the Suorin has the upper hand here. In terms of flavour options, Suorin Air wins.


Juul: In the long run, the Juul costs more, as the pod sizes are small at 0.7ml and you will need to purchase pods often. The cost may limit your vaping especially if you have a problem making regular purchases.

Suorin Air: The Suorin Air has a larger capacity of e-juice (2ml) and doesn’t restrict you to a particular brand of e-juice, so in the long run, you will purchase less often and save more money.

Verdict: The Suorin Air is more pocket-friendly than the Juul.


Juul: The feel of the Juul is pretty decent, offering you a good product that is durable and can withstand heavy use.

Suorin Air: The Suorin Air has a better feel and sturdier finish compared to the Juul. It lasts longer during heavy use and generally has better quality and finish.

Verdict: The Suorin Air is made to last longer and has that sturdier feel. It gives you the reassurance that it isn’t going to break easily.

Ease of Use

Juul: The Juul is very easy to use. You do not need any experience to begin vaping with this device. All you need do is place the pod in the battery and it is ready when you are. Changing an empty pod to a new one is also pretty straight forward and with no buttons whatsoever or complicated instructions. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Suorin Air: Just like the Juul, the Suorin Air features a plug and play a cartridge. There are no complexities associated with the device and it comes with a visible and easy to use on and off button. The cartridges can last you a while before needing refilling. This only has to be done once in a while.

Verdict: Both devices do not require any special skills to be used. A beginner can operate these perfectly and with no trouble.

Battery Capacity

Juul: The Juul uses a 200mAh battery. This is enough to last you a day and can provide you with 200 puffs all depending on your vaping pattern.

Suorin Air: The Sourin Air offers a satisfactory battery life as it comes with a 400mAh battery. This is twice that of the Juul and can take you for longer periods, allowing you heavy use without the frequent need to charge.

Verdict: The Suorin Air has gone out of its way to ensure you get a great vaping experience by providing you with good battery capacity. In terms of battery, the Suorin air wins.


Both products prove to have great options for vaping. The Suorin Air, however, has made up for some of the shortcomings of the Juul, making it a more appropriate choice for vaping. So, if you are in need of an alternative to the Juul, the Suorin Air is a perfect choice to improve your overall vaping experience.