Freemax Fireluke Mesh Review: Best Sub-Ohm Tank Ever?

Is the Freemax Fireluke Mesh worth the hype it has been receiving?

Do you think it can hold enough wattage to power the vaping needs of hardcore vapers?

Well, the truth is that you can only get the right answers to these questions once you know its specs and features. 

However, the specs and the features might not reveal to you the real Freemax Fireluke; that is why we have a comprehensive product review for this cloud chasing tank.

This review will give you all the details that you need to know before you make up your mind on whether you are going to buy this tank or not.

Review Summary: Fireluke Mesh Tank

When it comes to sub-ohm tanks, the Freemax Fireluke Mesh is a product worth looking into. Since its release to the market, it has been one of the trending tanks that every vaper wants to have a try. 

Its performance is great, though you will judge it later based on a number of performance factors. People are also impressed with the sleek appearance that makes it not just admirable by the user but also those who don’t vape. 

The following are the average ratings of different review aspects of the Freemax Fireluke mesh sub-ohm tank:

  • Design______9.7
  • Build quality__9.7
  • Coils_______9.4
  • Performance__9.4
  • Flavor______9.4

Fireluke Mesh Tank – A Quick Look

  • It has a compact design with a high quality that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable
  • It has large fill ports that make it easy for you to fill in your tank with e-juice
  • No leaks
  • There is a wide variety of color options to choose from i.e. black, blue, gold, silver, rainbow, gunmetal, purple, pink, and red
  • There are different finish options
  • Excellent flavor
  • Durable coil heads
  • It takes a longer time for the Freemax Fireluke mesh to prime
  • You can only replace coil heads when the tank is empty
  • The red resin appears pinkish
  • Has a low tank holding capacity of just 3ml, which looks insufficient for many vapers


Understanding the mechanical specifications of the product will give you a better view of how the tank works. Some of the defining specs are:

  • Tank capacity: 3ml
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Length: 46.5
  • The materials used: stainless steel and Pyrex glass
  • Thread: gold-plated 510 threading
  • Fill type: top fill
  • Dual adjustable airflow at the bottom
  • 810 drip tip
  • Stylish knurled surface

The most noticeable spec is the size of the tank, which is very small making it a portable device. The portability of this tank; however, comes with a price that you have to bear i.e. you get a low tank capacity. 

What is included in the package?

If you buy from an authorized dealer, you should get the following items inside the package:

  • 1 Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub Ohm Tank
  • 2 mesh coils
  • 1 extra Pyrex glass tank
  • 1 bag of spare parts 
  • A user manual

The spare parts and the extra glass tank set it apart from other tanks. However, this is just an additional review feature that you really shouldn’t focus on as there are other weightier factors to consider.  

Unique Features

Features are the core of any meaningful review as they reveal all the details that make an atomizer great or otherwise. We will look at the features of the Freemax Fireluke Mesh tank, guided by the top review features.

Design and quality

One thing that has kept the tank trending since its release is the design and the level of quality it provides the users. 


Of course, the first review feature for the Freemax Fireluke Mesh is its aesthetics. It has an amazing look for those who mind the appearance of their vaping tanks. 

The tank has the option of three types of finishes i.e. Resin, Carbon Fiber, and Steel. Each of these finishes has a different color that you can choose from. The tank is made of glass, making the coils visible, thus, giving it a modern look.

One aesthetic feature that most products don’t include and is found in the Freemax Fireluke mesh is the matching of the 810 drip tip with the color of the sub-tank. 


In as much as the product is aesthetically pleasing, it still remains to be one of the most durable e-cig tanks. It is built with heavy-duty materials that can stand the test of time. The Pyrex glass has been used to make the glass of the mesh tank, thus, assuring users of durability since Pyrex is one of the most durable glass models. 

The body is made out of either steel, resin, or carbon fiber. You can pick any of the three options. For durability, the stainless steel seems to be the most viable option. You may not enjoy great durability when you choose the carbon fiber or resin as you could have with the stainless steel. 

Ease of using

Changing the coils is an easy thing if you have read the instruction manual. There are four distinct pieces that you need to separate when replacing the coils. 

Refilling is also easy as the Freemax Fireluke mesh has two large refilling base at the top, thus, reducing the hassle of having to put tiny drops to refill the ports. 

Coils and performance 


Currently, the Freemax Fireluke mesh has the option of 0.15-ohm Kanthal mesh coil that uses cotton. This is kind of a drawback as other top tanks give users the option of two coils with different ohm capacities.  

Furthermore, it takes about 15-20 minutes for the e-juice to saturate in the coil, thus, not ideal for people who want quick vaping experiences. 


For the first puffs, it is recommended that you start with low wattage, about 50W. You can gradually increase the wattage to about 75W, which I consider as optimum. However, you can even hit a maximum wattage of 90W, which some vapers may still find to be quite low. However, the production of flavor is excellent.


 Having read the review, would you consider buying this trendy e-juice tank? This is a question that only you have the appropriate answer. However, based on the features listed above against the asking price of the tank, there is definitely no harm in trying it out, more especially if you are on the road traveling for you will enjoy great portability features.