Does Vape Juice Have Calories?

As exhilarating as vaping is, no vaper has probably never wondered if vape juice has calories and how many go with every inhalation. Especially when you’re vaping several flavors like strawberry or cupcakes, you just can’t help but think about how much your favorite vape juice could affect your latest diet plans. 

Well, since you are not essentially swallowing the liquid but just puffing it out, there won’t be any significant calorie intake

Having said that, how many calories exactly does vaping account for? Let’s look at the statistics and see how vaping could impact your weight and metabolism. 

Vape Juice Calorie Count

To answer the question, yes, vape juice has calories.

A regular e-juice itself doesn’t have many calories per se, but when you add a tasty and exotic flavor to it, the flavor brings in a few calories to the table. Fear not, though, as the amount of calories in even a flavored e-juice is quite negligible. 

There may be about 4 or 5 calories in 1ml of e-liquid and if you are a moderate vaper who vapes about 2ml a day, that means the calorie consumption is about 8-10. For a heavy user who vapes about 6ml a day, that translates to 24-30 calories a day. 

Vaping is unique to every vaper, and so is the amount of e-juice being used. Calorie count varies accordingly; I have only mentioned approximate stats. 

Vaping Calories vs Others 

To put it into perspective, a strawberry has about 4 calories while a pizza slice has about 300 calories. 

So, you should have an idea now where your vaping calories fit. Also, note that you are only inhaling the liquid and generating thick clouds so technically, not all the liquid is entering your system. 

Vaping and Weight Loss

Now that we know how many calories a vape juice has, how exactly does vaping affect your weight loss regime? 

Well, the vapes enter your lungs and are quickly exhaled out. For something to impact your weight, it needs to be ingested into your system and vaping clearly doesn’t do that. 

If anything, the walks that you could be taking while vaping will help you shed some pounds. 

You will also be surprised to know that several vapers were once sugar addicts who switched to sweet vape juice flavors like cotton candy, caramel, or chocolate to control their sugar cravings. So, while vaping may indirectly impact your weight, I recommend that you do not start vaping for the sole purpose of decreasing or increasing your weight. 

Nicotine and Metabolism

Stopping vaping at once often leads to weight gain. This is because of the nicotine and its impact on our metabolism. 

Nicotine is a plant-based substance that keeps your nervous system alert and boosts one’s metabolism by working as a stimulant. 

Nicotine also acts as an appetite suppressant and lowers your insulin levels. As a result, you won’t eat often or too much and will be able to keep the sugary products at bay.

When taken in small quantities, it works wonders for improving health. However, it is crucial to remember that nicotine is an addictive substance that can cause irreparable damage to your body when consumed in larger doses. 


While vaping has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, worrying about calories is not one of them. When done responsibly, vaping can get rid of sugar cravings, increase your metabolism, and improve your quality of life. 

The only way you’d gain weight because of vaping is once you quit it suddenly. When the body is deprived of its regular dose of nicotine, you would tend to eat more. 

So, if you have plans to quit, remember to wean yourself off of nicotine slowly and gradually.