Does Vape Juice Have Calories?

As exhilarating as vaping is, some people wonder if e-liquid could make them put on a few pounds. Especially when they’re vaping flavors like strawberry or cupcakes, many vapers can’t help but think about the calories in vaping liquid. 

Overall, since you are not essentially swallowing the liquid but just puffing it out, there won’t be any significant calorie intake. 

Does Vape Juice Have Calories? – Calorie Count

Yes, vape juice has calories.

A regular e-liquid itself doesn’t have many calories per se, but there could be extra calories when you add in tasty and exotic flavoring ingredients. Fear not, though, as the number of calories in even flavored e-liquids are pretty negligible, so you can still lose weight while smoking vape juice. 

There may be about four or five calories in 1ml of e-liquid. So, if you are a moderate vaper who vapes about 2ml a day, your calorie consumption will be about 8-10. For a heavy user who vapes about 6ml a day, they’ll take in 24-30 calories. In comparison, a strawberry has four calories while a slice of pizza contains about 300. 

Vaporizing alcohol can also lead to more calories in your system. 

Yet, overall, the amount of e-juice used varies per user, so caloric intake isn’t the same for everyone. 

So, the calories in e-liquids burn off quite fast, and the calories in vapor are nowhere comparable to those in food. 

Finally, you should note that smokers are only inhaling the liquid, not eating it. Therefore, gaining weight is unlikely. 

Vaping and Weight Loss

Now that we know how many calories a vape juice contains, let’s examine how this activity affects your body. 

Well, since the vapors from vape juices enter your lungs and you quickly exhale them out, they won’t make you gain weight. For something to impact your body fat levels, your system has to digest it, which doesn’t happen when you vape. 

You will also be surprised to know that several vapers were once sugar addicts who switched to sweet vape juice flavors like cotton candy, caramel, or chocolate to control their sugar cravings. Shifting from sugary foods to vapes can also decrease blood sugar levels. 

So, while vaping may indirectly impact your diet, I recommend that you do not start using vapes for the sole purpose of decreasing or increasing your body size. 

Nicotine and Metabolism

When you cease using your vape, you might experience weight gain. Your weight changes because of the way nicotine affects your metabolism. 

Nicotine is a plant-based substance that keeps your nervous system alert and boosts one’s metabolism by working as a stimulant. 

Nicotine consumption also suppresses hunger and lowers your insulin levels. As a result, you’ll consume less when you regularly take in this stimulant.

Vaping and Health

Although using a vape can make you lose weight, smoking can have real dangers on your health. 

Vape products can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, low birth weight, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. You also shouldn’t vape if you are taking medicine for asthma or depression. 

Furthermore, although nicotine is an appetite suppressant, it is also an addictive substance. Using vapes to give up sugary snacks is only trading one addiction for another. 

So, in conclusion, while vaping is a bit healthier than tobacco smoke, vape liquid is not good for you. 


Thus, in general, calories aren’t anything to worry about while vaping. When done responsibly, vaping e-liquid products can get rid of food cravings and increase metabolism. 

The only way you’d gain more weight because of vaping is if you quit suddenly. When you don’t have your regular dose of nicotine, you will eat more. 

So, if you have plans to quit, remember to wean yourself off of nicotine e-juices slowly and gradually.