The 5 Best Stab Wood Mods in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Stabilizing Wood mods, aka stab wood, are mods made from wood rather than the usual plastic and metal materials you find in most systems. The wood is injected and treated with chemicals to increase its lifespan and to alter its outer layer—it’s the perfect material for vaping.

These mods stand out massively from the crowd due to their different appearance, and all are completely unique due to the nature of the wood and the dye application.

In this article, I’ll give my five favorite stab wood mods. Before we go in, it’s worth mentioning they’re considerably more expensive than other vapes, so they generally aren’t advised for beginner users.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Stab Wood Mods

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks (these are the stab wood mods that most people buy).

  • Asmodus Minikin Kodama 21700 Top Pick
  • Yi Loong Stab Wood Squonk Runner-up
  • Asmodus X Ultroner Thor 2 Runner-up

Top 5 Best Stab Wood Mods – Our Reviews:

1. Asmodus Minikin Kodama 21700

This is one of the best stab wood systems on the market: practical, stylish, and high-performance. This Minikin Kodama 21700 is ergonomically designed to fit in the user’s hand with its triangular body, and the simple three-button mechanism is easy to use and doesn’t interrupt the natural illusion of its design.

It features a 0.96” color screen to show numerous displays, and the two buttons below allow you to filter through the options, which includes wattage and battery life.

It runs on two 21700 batteries — as the name suggests—and the mod can operate up to 180 watts. Although there are more powerful alternatives out there, those users who prefer even higher than this should go for a mechanical mod or perhaps a three-battery operator.

Available in three different colorways—purple, green, and blue—this is a lovely piece that combines natural, old-fashioned style with the more modern operations that a vape entails. 

This Asmodus mod clocks in at around $300, which is pricey but not unusual for a stab wood piece.


  • Beautiful, ergonomic design
  • Easily navigable system
  • 0.96” Color screen


  • Expensive
  • Could be more powerful

2. Yi Loong Stab Wood Squonk

This is a much cheaper alternative than the others on this list, which is objectively a good thing but this also means it’s quite hard to get your hands on one—so keep your eyes out for when they become available.

There are a few vapes that are both squonk mod and stab wood, and the Yi Loong Stab Wood Squonk is my personal favorite. It has a beautiful, simple design, with a single button and a swing door to access the liquid tank.

One of its strongest features is that it can run on two of the most common battery types—both the 18650 and the 20700. This is a great addition, and, alongside its small, portable size, makes it one of the most practical systems on the market, even outside of stab wood systems.

Some have criticized its magnets, with many having to replace or remove them. This can make the system partial to leakage, especially as it’s a squonk mod, but these reports are few and far between, and the hand-made nature of the system makes these more prominent than with mass-produced alternatives.


  • Fits two battery types, 18650 and 20700
  • Portable


  • Some complaints about its build quality

3. Asmodus X Ultroner Thor 2

Collaborating with Ultroner, Asmodus supplies us with yet another excellent product. A completely different shape to their Minikin Kodama, the Thor 2 is designed with the fire button located above the screen on an angled side, resulting in ultra practicality for its user.

It’s one of the most stylish products out there, and it resembles an 80s arcade machine with its bright, rich screen and vibrant colorful design. It features Evlov’s Escribe operation system, a revolutionary piece of software that gives the user ultimate control over the screen display via a Micro USB.

In terms of specs, the device features a 75W temperature range and an acrylic coating to prevent any damage to the wood underneath. It can run on both a 21700 and a 18650 battery, which is useful and allows upgrading from your previous system a lot easier.


  • Evlov’s Escribe operation system
  • Beautiful bright screen display
  • Excellent fit to hand
  • Runs on both 21700 and 18650 batteries


  • Operates at a very low wattage

4. Vicious Ant Club Omega

Vicious Ant is a very premium company and this is evident from their designs. With their Club Omega, you almost can’t tell it’s a stab wood mod.

The Club Omega operates at 75W and is a squonk system, so the user can vape to their own personal preference. The liquid tank is located in the corner of the box mod and it features Vicious Ant’s famous easy sliding mechanism for tank swapping and refilling.

Alongside its stunning design, it’s an incredibly resilient piece. 

The Club Omega was created to be hard-wearing, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, and to withstand impact when dropped. Fortunately, it delivers on all of these promises.

I’d recommend this system to anyone if it wasn’t one of the more premium models in an already-expensive market, but if you can find a second-hand one, I highly suggest you invest. It’ll last forever and you’ll have a great time using it.


  • Easy tank swapping and refilling
  • Incredibly durable
  • Stunning design


  • The premium price

5. DPM Magi

This is an unusual looking mod, but don’t let that faze you—it’s still a brilliant piece. 

The DPM Magi features one of the largest squonk tanks I’ve seen, taking up one entire side of the body, and it’s incredibly powerful, operating up to 200 watts. It’s a dual 18650 battery system and has a marbled design that’s sure to make you stand out from your peers. 

It also comes in a left-handed version to help all vapes with its use.


  • Comes in both left and right-handed versions
  • Large squonk tank


  • Unusual design may turn some off

Closing Thoughts

Stab wood mods are certainly a specialist piece of kit and are probably the most premium product you can buy. I’m a huge fan, but they are really only for the most experienced vapers who are looking for their next upgraded piece.